Sunday, July 21, 2013

Weekly Diary

Hello, beautiful creatures of Planet Earth! Thanks for tuning in again today! I'm very very sorry for this late update! I didn't have time to post before. I got up very early, left and came back just now. I also didn't have Wifi. I hope you don't mind! 

This week started with some very bad news: beauty guru, aspiring makeup artist and brave cancer patient Talia Castellano, known as "Taliajoy18" on youtube, lost her battle with cancer, after six years of hope and bravery. The beauty community was in shock! I can believe why. Some people think she just gets the attention because she has cancer but there is so much more to this girl than the illness that took her away from us! Rest in peace, sweetie.


It's been really hot outside, not like "nice" hot, but like, really really "I don't want to wear clothes" hot! I'm wearing New Look high waisted shorts and a Kelly Brook for New Look bathing suit in sailor style, ah, I love this! I also posted this - with other pictures - on Instagram.

New curling iron! Look at these fabulous curls! 

Watching ASMR makeup tutorials. This one is made by GentleWhispering, check her out (she's gorgeous)!

Ahh, I love chocolate covered raisins! Wish I could eat them everyday! They're my favourite! 

It's always fun to sit in the garden with a camera and shoot some pictures from time to time. This little bee right here was a great poser! I got the chance to take beautiful pictures of it! 

Later this week it was my friend's birthday. We went over to his house to have some cake, then went out for dinner and went out that same night for some drinks as well! This picture is of me being good and drinking Coke after too many Vodka Redbull, haha! Oh, what can I say? It was a one time thing - I never really drink a lot but we obviously had something to celebrate (and I wasn't drunk)!

Thanks for reading! Stay safe!


  1. poor girl, she seems the sweetest person ever...

  2. I'm very sad for that poor girl
    happy start of week


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