Saturday, July 13, 2013

Little beauty products haul!

Hello all of you! 
Yesterday I did some pre-birthday shopping. It was lovely, I had a great time! These days there's a lot of sales in a lot of shops and I got so many new clothes, I don't even know which item I should wear first! Of course you'll be seeing that in outfit of the day pictures! There are too many items to photograph all of them and put them online (and I can't put them all in one picture like I do with my beauty items). Since beauty items are easy to photograph (and you can put a lot of beauty items in one photograph), I though I'd show you what makeup I got today.

I haven't bought an awful amount of stuff, but I did get a lot of things that I loved and have been fawning over for quite a while.

First of all I got two Catrice intensif' eye wet & dry shadows. These won't be in the stores for much longer (they're going out of the permanent collection) and so I took the chance to get these before it was too late.

Next I got a 2B bronzer, which I'm very excited about, however, I'm probably more excited about my three new lipsticks! I got one from Kate Moss by Rimmel London in "107", which is a darker, berry kind of colour. I've wanted this for quite a while now and it was the last one so I was lucky!

Next I got two lipsticks by Bourjois. One from the Shine collection (first one in the picture) and one from the Rouge edition. They are stunning, wauw! I wish I could have bought more (but I promised myself not to buy too much so, haha!).

The first colour in the picture is called "Famous Fushia", it's a gorgeous, bright pink. The Rouge Edition lipstick is called "Violine Strass". I think it looks a little bit like the one that I got from Kate Moss by Rimmel London. Maybe it's has more of a purple tone to it.

And then I got some new nailpolish. I haven't been doing my nails a lot recently but I missed it! I got two Essence colours, a pastel purple and a glittery topcoat. They fit very nicely together!

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  1. Helo
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  2. cute lil post:) Loving the color of the BOURJOIS lipstick:)

  3. Those Bourjois lipsticks look gorgeous, especially the one from the Rouge edition. Great picks, I hope you like my summer picks in my latest blog post. xx

  4. thanks for the review ! >> free gift :)

  5. I have an obsession with lipsticks! Great post x

    Please check out

  6. The eyeshadows look really neat!

    -Maddy @

  7. Nice products! I love Rimmel by Kate lipstick too!

  8. Oh they all look so lovely! Good choices!


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