Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Travel Diary: A diner and good food ♥ #1

As a teenage girl, I was always very inspired by the fifties. I had a Tumblr blog about Marilyn Monroe and followed Idda Van Munster on Facebook to get vintage inspiration. A few years later, I finally decided to get into it myself, to stop shying away from it, and went full pin-up for a while. (X, X, X, X, X)
I still, to this day wear quite a bit of vintage clothes or like to style my outfits like they did back in the days. Some days a bit more extreme than other days, but always "there".

I have always been fascinated by the American diners, but never found any. In Madrid, I got very lucky. I almost didn't notice this diner, but I'm so glad I did. Apparently this is a chain of diners in Madrid. I'm a BIG fan!

We stayed a couple hours and had some good food (and cocktails of course) while I freaked out about the interior and outfits.

Take a look!

How cute are all the girls? Love their uniforms! 

Quite surprising, a chicken and waffle dish. Never had this before, but so yummy!

The food was so good, I overate big time, but it was so worth it! We spent two or three hours inside the diner and it was pure happiness.

Thanks for reading!
I hope you enjoyed this post!

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Essence Stay All Day foundation & concealer review!

For years now, my skin has been a bit of a problem. I am confident enough to walk out without make-up on my face. However, I do prefer a bit of foundation or concealer.
I'm always looking for a good new concealer and the last years I've been quite happy with Essence's foundations, BB creams and other face products. I have been testing their Stay All Day foundation and concealer for a month now, let's see what I think about these products!

The day before I shot the pictures for this article, I had a huge acne breakout, which wasn't great for me, but I'm sure it's good for you because you'll be able to see the result to the fullest.

Okay, make-up less face in the picture below. Biggest problem areas are my chin, left cheek and forehead.


I don't use primer or daycream or anything, because I notice I can't blend as well normally.
I use my hands to cover my face, brushes don't work so well with this foundation either. I don't use a beauty sponge but I do think that might work out as well.

I did struggle a bit with this foundation in the beginning, simply because I tried using primers and brushes first - which lead to some very weird structures on my face, but now it works out just fine for me.

The concealer works like a dream. It's a buildable concealer, so it's not cakey at all. I like to apply just one layer underneath my eyes.
I chose one shade lighter than the foundation. Occasionally I also use it for covering up blemishes on my face. 

Below you can see my full face make-up. What a difference, don't you think?
I'm once again, very satisfied with the Essence face products.

Which foundations do you like/use?
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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A walk through the fall beauty trends!

Goodmorning all of you! How are you?
About a week ago I posted the fall trends in fashion and today I'm going to show you my three favourite trends for make-up this winter.
(All of the pictures I used are pictures that I found on Instagram or other apps/sites. None of them belong to me.)

Highlighting, strobing, whatever you prefer, as long as it makes you glow! I'm personally a big fan of highlighting. Not too much, but just that little extra "oomph".
My favourite highlighters are Catrice's highlighter and MAC's "Soft and Gentle". I compared these two to each other as well, read it here!

In fashion, chokers come back as a "gothic" trend, but also in fashion there's a bit of a gothic vibe. Of course - dark lips. Not just daerker reds and deep purples, but also browns and even black.

Tis the season to be jolly, and glitter is always a big part of the holiday season. You can incorporate glitter in your make-up look in a lot of ways.
The glitter cut crease trend has been really big and I'm absolutely in love with this! I found tons and tons of gorgeous pictures on Instagram. Here are a couple of them.

Thanks for reading!
I hope to see you soon!

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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Travel Diary: Madrid!

Hi everyone! Welcome back!
I have talked about travelling quite often on this blog, especially when I come back from a trip. I like to show you all the pictures and tell you all about it - sometimes even give some advice in case you ever end up in that location.


This whole summer I have been planning to go travelling, but every single time there was something that got in the way.
Recently, I've started school, but I haven't even had a real holiday yet. Time to change that!
Later this month I'm hopping up a plane to fly to Madrid! I think it'll be a good way to relax and get away from everything for a bit, as well as giving me some time to get inspired by my new surroundings. Of course I'd also like it if you share any tips & tricks, experiences, must see or do activities in Madrid!


Thanks a ton for reading! Keep an eye out for more posts!

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

A walk through fall fashion 2016!

Fashion is a big part of our lives, no matter if you're a boy or a girl, there's no escaping it.
October is here - which means that our wardrobes are about to look a little different! In order to get you prepared for the fall, I thought I'd tell you about some of the trends that you will be seeing.

In my last post I talked to you about chokers, which are a huge fall trend and I love it! I don't think it has to look trashy, I've seen many girls rock it the right way and I'm 100% pro.

But that's not the only 90's look that's back! One shoulder or off shoulder clothing items are back in! This too is a trend I'm very excited about, simply because I think bare shoulders can be very elegant, yet sexy!
If you'd rather just keep it simple, hoodies are a- okay too, so you're in luck! I think this might come in handy for those early days in college!

Off shoulder, velvet ànd a choker!

Keep an eye on clothes with a metallic look and velvet! If you don't want to splurge on new clothes, simply switch it up with accessories, that way you get to combine your basics and the trend, but it'll cost less!

October is a very rainy month here in Belgium and as if the weather wants to prove my point, water has been falling from the sky today. That means I am in serious need of a new coat to protect myself, not only from the rain but also from the cold (which you can already feel at night or early in the morning).
Thé coat to rock this fall is the navy overcoat/trench coat. Timeless piece that I myself am absolutely crazy about!

The last trend is one that is very exciting but also scary to me. It's the dusty pink and yellow combination. On the one hand I love how unexpected this is, on the other hand, I don't see myself wearing this.

Here you go! I hope you enjoyed this post!
See you soon!

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