Friday, October 2, 2015

Catrice ultimate stay lipstick

As you may have noticed in the past, I am absolutely crazy about lipsticks.
Last week, I got one by Catrice. This is the ultimate stay lipstick. I have never had one like this before so I was very excited to try it.

The packaging of this lipstick is pretty simple. It's a matte black tube and aside from the brand name, there's not much to see on the tube.

The lipstick is a dark, burgundy colour. It's so beautiful and fall appropriate. This makes me want fall season to get here, to be quite honest with you! 
The colour is called "Plum & Base".

This swatch is so beautiful! The colour is pigmented really well. Applying is a pleasure because the lipstick is so creamy. 

I think this lipstick is a score! I don't have many Catrice lipsticks but since this one didn't let me down, I might get more! 
What's your favourite fall lipstick colour?

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