Saturday, October 10, 2015

OOTD: Wildest dreams

Say you'll remember me, standing in a nice dress staring at the sunset, babe.
Red lips and rosy cheeks, say you'll see me again even if it's just in your wildest dreams.
Hi everyone! How are you doing?
I was just looking through the pictures that I took while I was on vacation in Barcelona and I long to go back! Ah, what a gorgeous time it was!
Today's outfit of the day is one that we shot when we visited Park Guëll, a gorgeous park that also incorporated mosaic. I already have a post about Park Guëll online so you can read that if you'd like.

I don't know what made me wear a maxi skirt that day, but I love that I did. I got this maxi skirt at Primark.
I paired it with a soft pink T-shirt with lace. I got this T-shirt a really really long time ago at H&M, but they still have similar T-shirts in stores. 
The scarf that I'm wearing is by H&M, it matches everything perfectly, I love it! 
My bag is by Primark as well.

The picture above is a picture of some gorgeous bracelets that I got at H&M.
The picture below is a picture of a bracelet that I got in Barcelona. It's so, so beautiful!

What do you think of this outftit? Until next time!


  1. Love your vacation outfit:) I also went to Barcelona last year, and I cannot wait to go back, to be honest. This place is fun in so many ways:) Have an amazing weekend!

  2. lovely outfit
    your jewellery is so gorgeous

  3. Cute bracelets :)
    Maria V.

  4. Cute bracelets :)
    Maria V.


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