Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Goodmorning everyone!
I want to wish you all a happy Halloween! I've been waiting for this day for a really long time, because Halloween is one of my favourite days of the year (Christmas and Valentine's day too, of course!).
Unfortunately, trick or treating isn't that much of a tradition here in Belgium, well, I have never done it anyways! I'm still doubting on what I should or could be for Halloween (a bit late, I know) but I have some pretty awesome ideas. Not that I'm going to tell you, because the pictures will probably be up tomorrow! I can't wait to eat a lot of candy and to watch scary movies! I hope you all enjoy your Halloween and.... What are you going to be this year?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Leather Love !

Hello everyone! I hope you're all having a great day!
Yesterday was a very fun day for me, I went shopping and got to pick up a lot of my autumn essentials! I had been looking for cute gloves for a really long time and yesterday I finally found the ones I wanted!
I got new leather gloves, that a lot of people don't like because they look like something a grandma would wear, but I absolutely love them! I think they look really classy and they even have rhinestone detailing! I'm totally in love with them and I can't wait to wear them!

Monday, October 29, 2012

October Empties!

Hey everyone! As you might have noticed, I've had some problems with my internet connection. I'm very sorry for that.
This post is going to be about products I've used up in October. I've been loving a lot of products this month, but I haven't been able to use them all up. However, I will be posting a "October favourites" post soon! 

Peeling pads by Biocura, my parents got me these because I had ran out of make-up remover!
These pads take of all my make-up at once! I like it! I use one jar a month. Each jar holds around thirty pads.

I got the Shoking mascara by YSL from my best friend as a birthday present! Love love love it! I've been using it a lot and now it's empty. It's a pity, but I think I'm going to get a full size mascara soon!

The next product is the liquid eyeliner in "Extra black" by Miss Sporty (drugstore). I used it every single day and I loved it! It wasn't too expensive, but the quality was great! I'm getting a new one soon!

I've been using this eyeshadow palette for a really long time now. It's by Hema, which I think is only available in Belgium and the Netherlands. This picture is a few weeks old, so I'm starting to hit pan on the silver and the brown eyeshadow, but also, the yellow is now completely gone. I'm sad, because it was my favourite palette ever, but I got a new one already!

And last but not least, body butter. I've been using this for a few months and I still love it! I bought two, so I still have one waiting for me to open it. The smell is just amazing, and it's very moisturzing and soft!
Again, I'm sorry for the problems with my internet, I hope you guys understand!
Thanks for reading!

Friday, October 26, 2012

October Book Buys - part two!

Remember a few days ago when I told you about some new books I got?
Well, I love hanging out at my bookstore and recently I found a book about Marilyn Monroe. Now I'm a huge fan of hers, so I couldn't just let it slip. I got this book, along with two other books and a few days later, I got two other new books!
It's getting a lot colder and soon I'm going to need something to get my busy, which is one of the resons why I buy books. Some people think it's stupid, some people don't think it is...

Okay so the first book I got is a book about Marilyn Monroe, it's the "50 years after her death edition" and it comes with a DVD.
The second book I got is called "Deeper than the dead" by Tami Hoag, I'm super excited to read it because she's a # 1 New York Times bestseller author. Also, this book was only $5 so I thought "why not"?
The third book is written by David Hewson and it's called "The Seventh Sacrament", just like the other one this is a thriller!
The fourth one is called "Everything and nothing", written by Araminta Hall. On the cover there's a quote from the Sunday Times. It says "a mixture of Mary Poppins and Stephen King", so it should be pretty good. This is Araminta's debut book!
The last book is called "Late nights on air" by Elizabeth Hay. Most of the books I got because they were dystopian themed books or thrillers. I'm really loving them lately!
There will be a bookreview on each and every book!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Products I regret buying

Do you ever get something that you're super excited about you end up hating it?
I have a few products that are I regret buying. Since there are a lot of tags on youtube about it (and I don't have a channel), I decided to write about the products I regret buying.
Normally I don't like to do this, because I don't want to put companies down by saying I hate their products, but also because I don't have a lot of products I don't like. Anyways, here are the few products that I won't be repurchasing.

This is a hair oil that came in the Deauty box. 
I had never used hair oil before because I didn't think I needed it. After using it, I noticed my hair was soft and smelled good, but it was also a bit greasy. I don't like it when a product makes my hair really greasy really fast. So I'm not going to repurchase hair oil. Just because I don't like it in general. I do think it was fun to try it, but it's not really something for me, I'm just going to keep using conditioner instead of oil.

This lipstick was by my drugstore. A super cute nude colour that I liked and I was so excited to try it! But after using it a few times, it became "bubbly", the lipstick isn't smooth at all anymore and looks really gross. I don't know why because all my other lipsticks are in perfect condition so ...
It's a pity.
This jumbo stick is actually a nice, moisturizing lip AND eye product! You can wear it as lipstick, but also as a nice shade on your eyes. I used it on my eyes first because I wanted to try it out but I thought it was waaay too sticky for my eyes, and it made my lids look oily too. As for the lips, I do like how moisturizing it is, but again, a bit too sticky. Also, I don't like the colour, I got it because I wanted to put it on my eyes so... it's not an ideal product for me.

This mascara is by the Color Workshop, it'es the lash mascara in black. I personally like mascaras with a plastic wond, and this one isn't plastic. Also, it just doesn't give me volume or length. I could skip mascara and it would look thesame. I'm just not impressed with the result.

I don't like lipglosses in general. I have a few favourite lipglosses that I love and that I repurchase all the time, but when I get them as gifts from friends, most of the time they just stay on my vanity and I never really use them. I don't know, I'm really picky when it comes to lipglosses. I do love lipsticks.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Deauty Box October - Reviews so far!

Hello everyone! A few days back, I blogged about the October Deauty box. I tried some of the products, and now I'm here with a review on the products that I tried already.

 L'oréal Paris mega volume collagene 24h black smoke mascara in "Smoky Black".
Holy moly, this mascara is great! I'm in love with it! There's not really a lot to say about it, just that it makes my lashes really long and that the mascara is a strong black, which I like. A lot!

Shu Uemura "art of hair" essence absolue nourishing protecting oil (for dry hair).
I'm not a really big fan of hair oils. Not because they're not good, I just don't like the idea of oil in my hair. Especially not because some oils make your hair really greasy really fast. Because I have dry hair, I thought it would be a good product to try and I decided not to judge before I tried it. This oil actually makes my hair really soft and moisturizes. I brushed through it a couple of times and the only thing I noticed was how my hair wasn't that "hard" anymore. But no greasy stuff up until this point!

Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 (15 ml).
I never actually used lipbalm tube, I usually use lipbalms that look like lipsticks, but oh well! I actually put it on about fifteen minutes ago and I love how it moisturizes well without being sticky. You know when you put on lipbalm and your hair is in it and it's really annoying? This one isn't as sticky at all. I think this is one of my favourite lipbalms I've ever tried.

L'oréal Paris Color Riche LeSmoky pencil eyeliner and smudger in "201 Black Velvour".
I stopped wearing eyeliner on my waterline because my eyes were irritated often and because the colour wouldn't stay on anyway. However today I put it on, about four hours ago, and it's still on. Also, this is super pigmented and super black. You don't need to go over it ten times, just once and you're ready to go. Love love love! I am impressed with this eyeliner!

I hope you liked my review!
Do you have or like any of these products?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Monthly Diary : October

Hey everyone! I love blogging about my personal life sometimes, and since October is almost over, I thought it would be fun to let you guys know what was going on in my life. Instead of doing it on a weekly basis, I thought monthly posts would be better. After all I'll have more pictures after a month and I just don't think it's worth doing a post with only one or two pictures ever week.
So here's my monthly diary for October! Enjoy!

Tried faux bengs! I love them!

Because I spoil my kitties!
Nail art! Those kind of cute, little details make me so happy!
So last winter I started working on a scarf but I never finished it because I was out of material. I decided to continue this fall so that it's finished in winter!

More progress!

I was soooo happy when I got my Deauty box! A little present for myself!

Got a bunch of new products. Some were bought, some came in the Deauty box, some were given to me.

New books!

Currently obsessing with orchids. I don't know, they're just so beautiful!

I was given a Marilyn Monroe book! YAY!
Love it when I wake up in the morning and it looks like this outside. Picture by me, by the way!

How was your month?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

October Book Buys

Every once in a while I save my money and purchase a few books. I love reading so my book collection is getting bigger and bigger every month.That's why I thought it would maybe be a good idea to start doing book reviews on this blog as well. After all, there are always fashion and beauty lovers who also like books!

In the beginning of this month I recieved a gift card, and you can probably already guess that I was pretty exited to go and get new books. Here are the three books that I got:

The Ninety Days Of Genevieve by Lucinda Carrington. Also, on the book it says that this book is even more 'erotic' than fifty shades of grey. Now I haven't read the fifty shades trilogy yet so ... I know I'm kind of missing out but oh well!

Fear me by Tahereh Mafi. This is a dystopian book. I love dystopian books, I think they're very fascinating! Do you like dystopian books?

And a book about 101 celebrities that died too soon. On the cover you see John F. Kennedy, Michael Jackson, Prinses Diane, Amy Winehouse, John Lennon and Martin Luther King. There are many other stars in there too like Marilyn Monroe, Nathalie Wood, Grace Kelly, Whitney Houston and so on!
I bought it because Michael Jackson was on it and on the back it said that Marilyn Monroe was in it too (they are my two icons) so I was like 'holy moly, I have to get this!'

I'm very excited to read all these books! They all look amazing!
Bookreviews are coming up soon! Which books do you like to read? Who are your favorite writers?

Deauty Box- Unboxing October Edition !

About a month ago I heard about "Deauty" for the first time. Deauty is short for "discover beauty", it's a new Belgian beauty box. You get four to six luxury beauty products every month, most of them are in travel size, but you could also get a full size product.
Enthousiastic as I was, I decided to order on for October and yesterday, I finally got it! I was super excited to see what's in the box, so I thought writing about it would be interesting.

This is how the box looks when you first open it. Classy and black. I love the picture of the bird holding a mirror. So beautiful.
All the products! There were six items in this edition! PS the lighting wasn't very well but it was already pretty dark when I got home.

First product: Kiehl's lipbalm #1 (15 ml)
Second product: a mascara by L'oréal Paris! I just needed a new one! YAY!

The third product was a black eyeliner pencil, again by L'oréal Paris. I stopped using eyeliner pencils because some of the irritated my eyes, but I've never tried one by L'oréal Paris, so I'm excited to see if it'll work good!

Biotherm Blue Theraphy serum. This is anti-aging. Not that I need it because I'm a teenager but oh well, I have it now, I might as well use it!
Shu Uemura 'art of hair' Essence Absolute Nourishing Protective Oil. This is for dry hair! Can't wait to try this!

Biotherm cleansing gel.
That's all that was in the box. For their second edition, I think they picked awesome products! I can't wait to try them out and I already ordered my Deauty box for November!

So much has happened over the last few months...

So much has happened over the last few months. This blog was something that I didn't enjoy anymore because of the huge amount of hate I got whenever I came on here. I didn't tell anyone about it but it didn't feel good anymore and it was almost a punishment to come on this blog and write for people who would only send me terrible messages.
 There were anonymous people telling me I should kill myself, being very mean on older posts. I felt ashamed of the posts I used to write because I changed my mind too often: I went from Dutch to English and Dutch, to English alone and so on. In the beginning I was just fooling myself thinking I did well but the last six months I got a crazy amount of new readers. I gave this blog up, made another one and promoted it on here. Every once in a while I would come and look on this blog, and I couldn't believe that I still had a huge amount of readers everyday. That's when I realised giving up was a BIG mistake.
I'm so sorry you guys. I miss this blog so much and I can't believe I ever gave it up. I did delete all my old posts because I can't stand being reminded of those horrible anonymous people who tell me they would like to see me dead, but hey, now I don't have to be reminded. So....
Fresh start?