Friday, May 31, 2013

May favourites!

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to show you my favourites of the month May.
I got quite a bit of new stuff this month, mainly from Essence and Catrice - that's why a lot of my newest favourites are by those two brands.

I'll start with my favourite Catrice products of this month. I have my Catrice camouflage cream in "Ivory", which is a very nice, high coverage concealer. I started using this one last week I think, and I'm addicted to it! This is the best drugstore concealer I've ever had!

Next I have my Catrice eyebrow set. As you know (or don't know), I used to be very insecure about my eyebrows, they just don't look good. Thanks to this kit I can make them look better and I can feel more comfortable in my own skin! 


Last but not least I finally got the absolute nude eyeshadow palette by Catrice. I have no words to describe how much I've enjoyed using this the last few weeks. I use it on a daily basis and I love it! 


Now on to the products by Essence. From Essence I got a liquid ink eyeliner a little while ago. I like how this liquid eyeliner is easy to apply thanks to the thin brush. Also this liquid eyeliner is really pigmented ànd not expensive. Love it! 


The last Essence product I have is the all about matt compact powder. A powder which stops your face from being oily. Don't worry about the powder being white: you can't see it on your face!


And the last product I have is by Calvin Klein. It's my sheer cream eyeshadow called "Snakeskin Silver" and I use it in combination with my Catrice palette!

That's it! 
What are your favourites this month? Thanks for reading! 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

May empties!

Hello everyone! How are you doing? Since March is coming to an end, I want to show you what empties I have this month. I'm not really the kind of person to empty a lot of products - well, I don't empty a lot!

So this month I have four empty items.
First of all is my Swarzkopf color freeze shampoo, which I got at the hairdressers when I dyed my hair red. I've used this shampoo for the last two or three months but now I'm out of it.

The second products is my red hair conditioner, it's meant to make your hair more vibrant. Using this helped me to keep my red hair longer without re-dying it every month. You just leave it in 15-20 minutes and your hair looks as good as new!
I didn't empty this, but as you might know I changed my hair colour again so I won't be using this anymore.

Next I have my Nivea Lash Elastic mascara, which I'm not sure about I will repurchase and the last item is a eyeilner from my drugstore brand which is way too watery but I used it in times of need!

Et voilà, those are my empty products of the month May. Which products have you emptied?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

H&M "Nudes" eyeshadow palette review

Hello you guys! When I was in Paris last week, I did some shopping. We didn't have much time so I only went to H&M and New Look, but I did get some really nice items there. Most of the items I brought home with me were makeup, such as this palette. This palette is by H&M, it's called "Nudes" and holds - as you can see - five nude colours.


The packaging is quite simple. I like that you can see what colours the palette holds without having to open it.

All the colours in this palette are cold colours. I'm very curious to see if they suit me because normally I wear warm colours such as gold and bronze.

And here are the swatches. The lighter colours disappoint me. They aren't pigmented really well. The pink eyeshadow is barely visible. The grey-ish colours are a little bit more pigmented.

I will be making looks with this palette and I'll see how it works. Pictures will be up soon! Thanks for reading! 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

100 GFC Followers

Hi guys! I'm just writing this post really quickly because I was checking my comments and I saw I had reached 100 followers on Google Friends Connect!
Ever since starting over in October my blog has been growing quite a bit and I want to thank you guys so much! You made my day, my week, my month, my year, MY LIFE!

I love you guys, thanks so much!

Monday, May 27, 2013

OOTD: A nice day for polka dots!

Hi guys! Last week I ordered and recieved my very first 'vintage' clothing item that I got online.
I got a black and white polka dot pencil skirt from and I couldn't be more excited about it. 
I got this pencil skirt in Medium because it was the first time I ordered and I just wanted to make sure it fit, but actually I could have ordered a Small. The Medium is a little bit too big, which is why I'm wearing the belt.

I absolutely LOVE this little pencil skirt! It also has a bow in the back,on my booty, which is adorable! Oh and with this pencil skirt I also got a plastic red lipstick that says "Topvintage, retro boutique" and cherry flavoured candy (even their candy is vintage, omg!).

Like I said, I'm very excited about it and I already ordered a second time! I can't wait to see if I like the other ordered items as much as I like this pencil skirt! I'll let you know! 

Lipstick: "Kiss of Life", Kate Moss by Rimmel London
Hair Flower: H&M
Black T-shirt: H&M
Pencil skirt: (online shop)
Tights: New Look
Shoes: New Look

What do you think of this outfit? 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

New in: Things I bought in Paris

Hello you guys! As you know I've visited Paris on Friday. Not only did I visit a lot of special places like the Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame (amongst others), I also did a little bit of shopping. We didn't have a see of time, it was more like what I like to call 'speed shopping'.

So I went to a couple of local souvenir shops to get some presents. I'm not going to put a picture up of those items because the people who will receive these gifts do read my blog (I don't want to spoil anything).
I also got a new dress by New Look that I'll be wearing when it's sunny! Outfit posts will come up as soon as possible!

On to the items that I CAN show you! These are, exept for the wine opener, all by H&M and New look.
The first palette is by Kelly Brook for New Look. It's a smokey eye palette - I already took a peak and it looks good. I can't wait to start swatching and making looks!

Next I have two palettes by H&M; a palette with neutral brown colours (smoky) and a palette with nude, light colours (nudes). I've never tried H&M makeup before so it should be interesting!
As always, reviews will be up as soon as possible!

Next I have two hair flowers, they're also by H&M and an iPhone cover, which is not for me, I don't have an iPhone. I thought it was adorable!
The wine opener next to the cover is from a local shop in Paris

Saturday, May 25, 2013

My trip to Paris!

Hello you guys! If you read my blog on a regular basis, you'll know that I went to Paris for the first time yesterday. I had a lot of fun, learned a lot and saw quite a bit while I was there. Of course I took a lot of pictures and I want to show a small selection to you guys. I also vlogged, but the video isn't ready to be uploaded yet so that'll be up soon!
Here are a few of the places we went to: Place De La Concorde, La Tour Eiffel (Eiffeltower), Sacré Coeur, Notre Dame, La Défense,...

I enjoyed Paris a lot and I'd like to go back one day. I just want to warn you really quickly, if you ever go to Paris, be careful! Everywhere we went people (mostly black guys) grabbed us and held us tight so they could put a bracelet on our arm and ask money for it. It happened to me when I visited the Sacré Coeur. Just make sure you have your hands in your pockets or something and if they grab your arm, walk away before they can put anything on you.

Okay, now it's time for the pictures!

... We left at 4.50am in the morning. I don't have any pictures from when I was on the bus because I tried to catch up on my sleep.
Around 7.30 am we had our first stop in a gas station.

Comfy clothing!

All the girls in the bus painted their nails (we all had neon orange nails) and we also did each others hair.

The first time we got of the bus, we went staight to the Eiffel Tower. Even though it was very cold and windy and it was raining, there were a lot of people. All trying to get a picture with the Eiffel Tower. A lot of men trying to sell souvenirs as well. Mostly Eiffel Tower key chains.

Back in the bus! Just on time because it started raining really really hard.

Next stop! Louvres! You wouldn't believe how long the queue both inside and outside of Louvres was!

How romantic is this. A fence full of locks, romantic? If you don't know what this is, I'll explain it really quickly; when you come to Paris with your loved one (city of love, you know) you can buy or bring a lock. You put it on the fence and throw your key in the water. It stands for everlasting, eternal love. *sigh*

Pit stop at McDonald's!

After lunch we went to Notre Dame. There was a man there with a bit of bread and all the birds would come and sit on his hand. I thought it was so cute.

Inside Notre Dame. I know the pictures are a bit fuzzy, it was quite dark in there but there was no flash allowed.

After Notre Dame we split up and walked around in Paris. I went to La Défense, which can be translated as "defence". All the buildings here are very special and there's a lot of art as well.
The buildings are used by huge companies or banks.

Fun fact: Notre Dame fits in this building!

Sacré Coeur! This is where they put the bracelets on.
I didn't go up the stairs by the way, we had very little time and I decided to get my meal for the evening instead of walking on the stairs.

Back on the bus! It's around 8pm here, and I'm admiring the few items I got in Paris!
I was back home around midnight.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Au Revoir!

Bonjour, ça va? Pourquoi je parle le francais? Je vais vous expliquer!

I am so excited you guys! As you can guess by the title of this post (and probably also because I said "bonjour"-) I'm going to France tomorrow!
More specifically, I'm going to Paris! Unfortunately it's with school and the weather is going to be bad and we won't be seeing everything very detailled but I'm glad I get to go in the first place!
Paris is my favourite city but I've never actually been there. I'm going for the first time tomorrow and I can't wait!
I will leaving at 5pm and I'll be back somewhere Saturday morning. Of course I will take a lot of pictures and film a little bit and I might upload a vlog video!

See you soon?

PS If you have any places/stores/ anything you'd like to recommend in Paris, please let me know!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New in: Pencil Skirt!

Hello everyone! Do you remember when I made a post about the summer clothes I wanted to have? All the items were by and I was obsessed with the clothes! I finally got around to ordering something for the first time last Friday and when I came home, it was waiting for me on my desk. I ran upstairs and put it right on.

The pencil skirt is black and has white polka dots on it. As you can see, it goes wider again at the end. It's a little over knee length and it has a cute bow on the back.

Of course I also took some pictures, just a quick sneak peek.


First impression? I don't ever want to take it off again! What do you think?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

EOTD: Cashmere plum

Hello you guys! 
Ever since getting my new Catrice absolute nude palette, I've been experimenting with it quite a lot. I have found three new looks so far and today I'm going to show you the first look!


For this look I used - of course - my absolute nude palette by Catrice, but I also used a Calvin Klein sheer cream eyeshadow! I applied this as a base before I started with the eyeshadow. Why, you ask? Because putting this pink colour as a base, will make the baby pink eyeshadow in the palette show up more, and it'll also be something for the eyeshadow to stick to. The Calvin Klein cream eyeshadow is called "Cashmere plum".

After applying the Calvin Klein cream eyeshadow, I applied the second colour of the nude palette (starting from the left) on my lid. I applied the fourth colour in the nude palette in my crease and the fifth colour (very lightly!) in my outer corner.

Next I applied Essence liquid ink eyeliner (I made a wing with it) and I also lined my lower lashline a bit with the L'Oréal Color Riche Le Smoky eyeliner pencil in 201 "Black Velour". (I forgot my mascara in the first two pictures but I was using Essence volume curl mascara.
For my eyebrows I used my Catrice eyebrow pencil and my Catrice eyebrow set.

What do you think of this look?

Monday, May 20, 2013

Catrice absolute nude eyeshadow palette review

Hello you guys! How are you doing?
 Today I'm reviewing my newest and favourite nude palette.
I got this nude palette from Catrice. I have been searching this palette for a long time - it was very popular and it was always sold out. You can already guess how happy I am that I finally have it. I have been experimenting with it quite a lot lately and I have even found a new "everyday look". Would you like to see a tutorial?

So this is how my palette looks, I think it looks fabulous! It reminds me of the Urban Decay naked palette. It holds six nude colours.

Here are the swatches! The first picture is how the colours look with natural light and the second picture is how they look with flash.

The pigmentation could have been a little bit better. I don't have problems with getting the colours on my eyelid though. Easy to apply and blend, no fall out.

Aside from the remark that the pigmentation could have been a little bit better, I have no other remarks. I do really like this palette. It holds colours for any occasion and any kind of look, love it! I already want to get a second one, just in case I hit pan on one of the colours soon.
I would recommend this palette to everyone who is just starting out with makeup or to girls who just really like the neutral look on their face. This palette is really nice ànd affordable.