Saturday, May 11, 2013

Makeup dupes!

Hello everyone! I've done a post on makeup dupes before and I thought it was quite interesting so I decided to do another one today.
A little while ago I got the new smokey eyes set by Catrice and my friend also gave me this single eyeshadow. Two new items, from two new brands, that look similar. Time to compare!

The first palette, by Catrice is called "Meet me at the bonfire". It holds a black eyeshadow, an olive green eyeshadow and a really light eyeshadow that is between light pink and white. This last colour is the one that I will be comparing.

I'll be comparing the eyeshadow with my single eyeshadow by Essence, called "Blockbuster".

Here are the two swatches. The highlight colour from Catrices palette on the right is a little bit more shimmery when "Blockbuster" by Essence is obviously matt.

Aside from the shimmer they do still look pretty similar. The shimmery one might just be a little bit more pigmented. I use both colours as highlight, "Blockbuster" for everyday and the Catrice palette for events or going out.

Thanks for reading!

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