Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weekly Diary

Hi everyone! On this wonderful sunny Sunday I'm going to show you what my week looked like. It was a very busy but fun week.

The weather has been very nice. It's good to have some sun after a very cold and long winter.


I also went to Ypres. I wrote two posts about it, it was very very impressive.

Changed my hair colour! Not a redhead anymore! The picture on the left is me on Friday evening and the picture on the right was how my hair looked before. 

I don't go out very often but I did on Friday, it was a very elegant party. The dress code was "gala". Here are my accessories. I thought they looked really cute. I wore my hair in a side bun with hair flowers and a little black lace dress.

In love with this tattoo! 

Did you have a nice week?


  1. Lovely pics!

    New post:

  2. Your hair looks lovely both colours!

    Nicola x

  3. Love your new hair, it looks really sophisticated!




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