Thursday, May 30, 2013

May empties!

Hello everyone! How are you doing? Since March is coming to an end, I want to show you what empties I have this month. I'm not really the kind of person to empty a lot of products - well, I don't empty a lot!

So this month I have four empty items.
First of all is my Swarzkopf color freeze shampoo, which I got at the hairdressers when I dyed my hair red. I've used this shampoo for the last two or three months but now I'm out of it.

The second products is my red hair conditioner, it's meant to make your hair more vibrant. Using this helped me to keep my red hair longer without re-dying it every month. You just leave it in 15-20 minutes and your hair looks as good as new!
I didn't empty this, but as you might know I changed my hair colour again so I won't be using this anymore.

Next I have my Nivea Lash Elastic mascara, which I'm not sure about I will repurchase and the last item is a eyeilner from my drugstore brand which is way too watery but I used it in times of need!

Et voilĂ , those are my empty products of the month May. Which products have you emptied?


  1. Hey Eva-Lynn! Hope all is good. I haven't really finished any products this month but if you're looking for a really good liquid eyeliner I recommend Soap & Glory's Supercat liner, it's great and I've nearly run out of it haha :) I'll be making a blog post about it soon! Take care x xx

  2. Great Post, I really enjoy reading these, I may have to think about doing a few of these myself!



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