Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Calvin Klein sheer cream eyeshadow review

Hello you guys, recently I got two sheer cream eyeshadows by Calvin Klein. I've never had a Calvin Klein beauty product before so I was really excited to test these.
I got two light colours. A champagne one, called "Snakeskin Silver" and a pink one called "Cashmere Plum". How cute are those names?
Both these cream eyeshadows are shimmery.

The jars are cute and handy. It has the Calvin Klein logo on the front and the name on the back. The bottom of the little jar is see through so you can see if you like the colour. Oh, the caps are thesame colour as the actual eyeshadow colour as well! Lovely!

These swatches are both one wipe. As you can see the colours are shimmery and well pigmented. Obviously, you could build up the colour.

Here I have applied the pink colour very lightly on my eyes. I use this pink cream eyeshadow before I apply light eyeshadow colours, that way they show up more!
As I said before you can build up the colour a lot more but I didn't apply much because I was going to use it as a base for my makeup look!

Oh, and I thought it would be super expensive but it actually turned out to be a very affordable product! I paid €2.99/jar, which is about $3.88.

I hope you enjoyed this review! Makeup looks will be up soon!


  1. Useful review. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I really like subtle, classic shades like this and would happily wear either of them, too. I've not tried any of Calvin's beauty products (save for perfume) either, but you've certainly got me wishing I could find a similar deal here on Canada on a few pots of eyeshadow, too.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. Oooh, quite simple and barely there beauty. Love!

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