Wednesday, September 30, 2015

EOTD: Nude Dude

Happy Wednesday! How are you doing?
I have been experimenting with all the new make-up I got! One of my favourites is this "Nude Dude" palette.
Today I'm premiering the first look with this GOR-GEOUS palette!

I used the darkest part of the palette.


And this is the look I made today! I don't use pink that often, I prefer warmer colours but this is actually a very nice look, if I do say so myself!

I hope you like this look!
Thanks for reading and have a very good day! 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Manicure Monday: Pale pink

New Look has started selling make-up and beauty products and I couldn't be more excited! I got two nailpolishes about a month ago: a pale, pastel pink and a purple one. Both nailpolishes are
I already used my matte purple nailpolish before, but I've never used this pale pink one before. Until now!

This is what the nailpolish looks like. It's so, so gorgeous! Because it's so pale, I applied three layers, I really wanted good coverage! 
I'm very satisfied with this nailpolish! I think it's very cute and classy! What do you think?

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Travelling: Barcelona ~ La Boqueria

Hello everyone! 
Get ready because I'm taking you on a trip today! I went to Barcelona about a week ago and I absolutely loved it! They say writers and bloggers never really go on vacation because they're always thinking about how they can use this in their writing and it's true, I've been thinking of writing blogposts about Barcelona before I even got there! I thought it'd be fun to show you all the amazing things I have seen and been to! 


Today I'll show you La Boqueria, which is a beautiful market. It's so colourful and so beautiful. Every inch of this market is stuffed with different kinds of food such as juices, fish, meat and candy. A lot of people - especially tourists like myself - visit it everyday. 

The people who have shops in La Boqueria must be such hard workers! It made me really happy to see how much effort the people from La Boqueria put in their work. That's real passion!  I'll just be quiet now and let the pictures do the talking! Enjoy!

Thanks for reading today! I hope you enjoyed and I will have more travel posts online soon!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

OOTD: Arriving in Barcelona


The weather in Belgium hasn't been too good lately. Rainy, cold days make me dream of the first day in Barcelona. Of course, these sunny pictures help me dream away!

The day that I left to fly to Barcelona, I decided I didn't want to dress too warm because even though it was cold in Belgium, it probably wouldn't be cold in Spain. I decided to go for a beautiful dark blue one shoulder jumpsuit with a gold belt. I got this one from a shop called Moggy's and I absolutely love it! 
It looks and feels so good without even really trying. 


Because this jumpsuit is the eyecatcher, I decided to keep everything else simple. I paired it with my nude ballet flats from H&M and my new nude purse from Primark. 
I wore three delicate, little bracelets from H&M. They are so, so beautiful and look so good together! Talking about arm candy! 

The sunglasses that I'm wearing are by Claire's.

What do you think of this outfit?

Thanks for reading! Until next time!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Nude Dude make-up palette!

About a year ago, I got a palette called "Nude 'Tude" by The Balm.
It was a palette that consisted of six pin-up girls. Each of the pin-up girls 'showcased' two eyeshadow colours.
Now, a whole lot later, I'm still very fond of this palette. I've hit pan on a few eyeshadows, but I'm still as crazy about it as I was when I first got it.

Recently, while I was doing some shopping, I saw that The Balm had a second palette. This time it's a palette with men. It's called the "Nude Dude" palette. Of course I took it home because - let's be honest - who doesn't like fine men?

Can we talk about the packaging? I'm crazy about it! I don't think I need to explain why, the packaging itself does all the talking!
I noticed that both the packaging and the eyeshadows contain a lot of pink. I like! 

Such pretty colours! I am in love! The colours in this palette are a lot cooler than the colours in the previous palette. I don't mind though! The colours range from very light to rather dark. There's no black in this palette though.

I swatched all the colours and wow! All of them are well pigmented. Just like the other palette, the quality is very good! I am a huge fan of this palette already! I will upload more make-up looks for sure!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

"Pleasure me red" by Maybelline

Hello everyone! How are you?
I've been obsessing over red lipstick again recently. It's been a while since I got new make-up but recently I found the time to go make-up shopping again. I didn't really need another red lipstick, but I fell in love with it and I simply couldn't resist.

This lipstick is quite popular, I've seen it on a lot of blogs and in a lot of video tutorials. Being the beauty blogger that I am, I just HAD to get it! 

The packaging of this product isn't very spectacular. It's just a silver plastic tube that comes with a red plastic cap. Even though the packaging isn't eye popping, the colour certainly is!

This specific shade of red is darker than what I usually wear but it's still very vibrant. It's a glossy kind of lipstick. I usually go for the matte lipsticks, but changing up or adjusting habits every once in a while is healthy!

As I had expected, the pigmentation is simply flawless! Great colour payoff and a very smooth, creamy texture!  The picture below shows you what Maybelline's "Pleasure me red" looks like on my lips.

I'm definitely impressed by this gorgeous red lipstick!

What's your favourite red lipstick?

Thanks for reading! Spread love!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Second bit of ink!

Hello everyone! Here I am again with some exciting news!
I got another little tattoo! 
I actually didn't think I'd get it so fast but three weeks after getting my first one, I decided I wanted another tattoo that is very meaningful to me. This time I had my tattoo artist put it on my wrist, so I can still wear a watch if I want to or have to hide it.


I'm pretty sure you have seen this tattoo before because it's quite popular right now. A lot of people who have suffered from depression or some kind of anxiety get this as a symbol of strength. It stands for "choose to keep going". I haven't suffered from depression, but I liked the meaning of this tattoo.
Always keep going, keep pushing, hold on!

PS: I am aware that not everyone likes tattoos and I don't mind if you're not a tattoo fan - to each his own. I'm really happy with this small little piece of body art! 

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

EOTD: Smoky green!

Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday! 
Today's look is a smokey eye! As much as I love green, I don't wear it enough. Both in clothing and make-up. I decided to change that today! 
I didn't want to go for a very flashy green eyeshadow colour though. Instead I went for three neutral, wearable greens.

I used my newest L'Oréal Infaillable Color in "Smoky" green on my lid and MAC's "Humid" in my crease. After blending it out, I applied a little bit of MAC's "Sumptuous Olive" on top of the "Humid" colour in my crease. Then I blended out again.
I didn't put on any liquid eyeliner but I did use a dark brown eyeshadow, "Sleek", by the Balm (from my Nude 'Tude palette) on my upper lashline and also on the outer corner of my lower lashline. 
The mascara I used is by Essence.

What do you think of this look?

Have a good day!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Purple rain make-up look!

Hello loves!
How have you been doing? It's been such a long time since I've recorded a tutorial! Almost a year!
Recently I was in the mood to film again - I've been thinking about it a lot lately and my hands were itching, I couldn't put it off any longer!


Today's look is a pink and purple smokey eye that is suitable for both everyday or for a night out. I kept it pretty wearable but with a little eyeliner and some fake lashes, this look is suitable for a night out as well.

I hope you like this look! Thanks for watching!

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

OOTD: Flower girl!

When I first got my tattoo done, I was very careful with what I wore. The tattoo is on the back of my neck so I tried not wear collars. Here's what I wore instead! 


I wore a strapless dress with a flower pattern and lace detailing on the bottom. Girly and fun! 
I paired it with a white blazer. I have been loving white clothes this summer, they just make me feel so crisp, fresh, clean,..! 
I went for gold accessories, nude shoes and a shimmery nude clutch!


My watch is by Claire's and the bracelet is by Six.


I'm such a goofy girl. When I was at H&M, I saw this necklace with a crown. I just had to have it, because it fits my "King" tattoo.


My shoes and clutch are also by H&M. I'm wearing dark red nailpolish by Essence, called "True Love".

Let me know what you think of this look! Thanks for reading!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

EOTD: Vanity

Hello everyone! 
Recently I showed you my newest Wet 'n Wild palettes and today I have a look for you! This look is a very neutral look, great to wear on a daily basis. I used my "Vanity" palette for this look!

This look is created thesame way I create most of my looks. Lightest colour on the lid and darkest colour in the outer corner. As always, I added winged eyeliner. 
All the colours used are by Wet 'n Wild, as is the eyeliner. My mascara is by Essence.

I hope you enjoyed this look! Let me know what you think!