Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Why so Sirius?! - Part 2

Hello everyone!
A few days ago I shared the first part of my short story, "Why so Sirius?" on here. I promised I'd also upload part two and three so... Here it is! It's a little different from what I usually write, 
but different isn't always bad! Let me know what you think! 

The sound of breaking nails on rock woke him. All of a sudden, the wind seemed to change. Sirius felt how the soft wind slowly turned into a slightly colder wind. In a matter of seconds, he realised that this wind was getting unpleasantly cold. The coat he was wearing barely held him warm. Not only the wind seemed to change, so did the deer. It had been standing by his side peacefully the whole time but now Sirius felt how it bit him. Sirius was shocked. Its eyes didn’t look as innocent as they did before. Bony horns entangled his fingers and pulled him away.
Sirius found himself in a dark tunnel. Falling or flying, he couldn’t tell. It all went so fast, he felt like he was getting sick. The deer must have disappeared because he didn’t see it anywhere. The peace he had felt just a minute ago, was nowhere to be found now. His heart felt like it was going to jump out of his chest, if he coughed right now, his stomach would probably come out. “WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?”

It was just a shout into the void, there was no one there. No one could hear him. No one could help him. Not much later, he consciousness due to a blow.
Sirius opened his eyes and immediately shut them again. What happened? Why did he have such a headache? A nasty curse escaped from his mouth. Sirius decided it would be better if he didn’t speak, the tiniest thing he said seemed to make his headache even worse. He felt worthless. Sick. Depressed. Disgusted.
Sirius found himself in a bright blue room. He blinked his eyes and when he opened them again, the room seemed to have changed. It got smaller. Or… Maybe it was just him. He decided not to think about it too much. He found himself in the corner, curled up like a fetus. He looked at his hand, which was still bleeding. Now he remembered. The deer! He felt his heart beat in every cell of his body. 

Sirius looked around. The whole room was empty. Even though he was tired, he was too shaken up to close his eyes again. Sirius believed he wouldn’t sleep well for a while after the incident with that deer. Oh, how he longed for the peace he felt in the moment before the attack. Actually, everything would be better right now. His old, miserable, lonely life would be better than this. Not knowing is the worst. 

Out of nowhere, Sirius heard a loud sound. One tone, in such a high pitch that he swore his ears would start bleeding. The first few seconds it was bearable, but the longer it went on, the more Sirius felt like his head would explode. It was like nails on a blackboard, but a thousand times worse. Sirius desperately tried tos hut the sound out. He squinted his eyes and tried to focus on something else, anything else, but nothing worked. This torture got the best of him. He shouted at the top of his lungs.

Thanks for reading!

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