Friday, November 30, 2012

OOTD: Burgundy 2.0

Hello everyone!
Today was once of the most cold days so far! I wore thesame burgundy sweater I wore yesterday, leather looking leggings with a black skirt and a jacket over it and I felt like I was freezing! Brr! It's a good thing I was wearing uggs to keep my feet warm! However, yes, another burgundy outfit today!
I hope you like it!


Unexpected shot in class! Haha, awkward!

How was your day?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

OOTD: Burgundy ♥

Hello everyone! Today was a very cold and rainy day! I put on a skirt in the morning and I regretted it this evening when trying to get home.
My sister had promised me that she'd take outfit pictures today so I got so excited, but once the time was there, she wasn't really into it anymore. It was really a bummer because I wanted a nice outfit of the day picture today.
So my sister's friend took the pictures. As you can see, he's not a very talented photographer. I'd like to apologize for that, he just waved around with my camera a bit and actually forgot to make sure my face was visible in the first two pictures.
I'm going to be honest, I was quite disappointed but since I had planned it for today, I decided to show you the pictures anyway.

So as you can see I just wore a skirt by H&M that I paired with a burgundy red sweater. The rest of my outfit was pretty much black and I wore sneaker wedges. As for accessories I wore a black belt with leather gloves and two cute bracelets.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Outfit Details!

Hello everyone! 
Whenever I'm wearing an outfit, every once in a while I like to take detail pictures of that outfit. Those pictures just make me really happy, I don't know why but I love taking them and looking at them. I think it's fun when you have nice details in your outfit and I love it even more when people notice it.
So I decided my short collection of the outfit details that I have.

I got an umbrella from H&M on my birthday (yes, a present to myself) because I loved the bow detailing on it so much! Very cute, don't you think?
Zebra shoes! I once got these in Canterbury (on a school trip). I really love zebra print and I thought it would be funny. I wore them again last week. My best friend actually has thesame shoes, but with leopard print. Sometimes we wear those shoes together! Pretty funny! I'll insert a picture below
So this is the picture! I'm wearing zebra, she's wearing the leopard shoes. I realize that this picture is bad quality. It was taken last school year with my phone (I didn't have my camera back then!)

Studs! I actually did an outfit post on this sweater. Check it out!

Yes, I'm wearing a pink jacket this winter!

Monday, November 26, 2012

All I want for Christmas : make-up, hair, outfit!

Hello everyone!
I thought it would be fun to do a little post with a bunch of makeup, hair and outfit ideas for Christmas. After all, this holiday is very loved by many many people and everyone always wants to look their best! I know we're going to have to wait another month for this lovely day to come, but ah, inspiration can never come too early!
I'm looking forward to it very much, that's why I couldn't stop myself! I wanted to write a post about it already! Here I just show you some ideas. I might actually do a second or even third post on this next month. I'll be in exams so I'm not sure how many I'll be able to make, but I'll do my best to get some more ideas up before Christmas is here. (Also, I haven't had the time to photograph all my ideas!)

A few makeup looks that I'd wear: 

I think it's obvious this look isn't made by me. I got this picture from Tumblr. I haven't worn my makeup this extreme ever, but maybe if you're going to a party or if you just want a cute smokey eye look, you could try this out. Also, you could just do this and skip the eyeliner. You could do a million things with it!

Look with the purple Essence palette called "XOXO"! Festive! You could make this look darker if you wanted too! I just kept it as neutral as possible in this post because I was wearing this look to school!

Outfits that I'd wear:
I really love dresses so I'd go for a dress, but you don't have to if you don't feel like it. I love wearing little black dresses because you can never go wrong with them, or I like to add colorful details to my outfit. I do have some other outfit ideas but a few of them aren't photographed yet so I'd like to put another post up. Of course, I'll show more outfits in that post!

Hairdo's I would wear:

If you've read the page "me", you'll probably know that I love pin up girls and everything that comes with it: the style, the makeup, the hair, the fashion, EVERYTHING. I personally really enjoy doing faux pin-up bengs, of course, when wearing them to school I get nasty comments, because, let's face it: (some) people can't feel confident unless they try to bring others down. I don't really care. I really love the look of this. I think it could also be very chique if you wanted to wear it to a formal occasion. Obviously it's not for everybody, but I do like this look.
PS this picture was taken about two months ago, back when I had brown hair. Now I'm a redhead!

I really love curls as well. I think curls look very feminine and beautiful, and I spend about an hour or so trying to get the perfect curled hair before going to a party or formal occasion! It really something that a lot of women like to do with their hair and it looks cute!

Nail art ideas:

I blogged about this before! Caviar nails!
I thought they were so cute! Of course you probably won't be able to keep them intact for a whole week, but I think for this one day it would be fun to wear!

Let me know if you like this post and if you'd like to see one or more posts about these subjects!
Thanks for reading!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kérastase Christalliste Shampoo + Conditioner Review!

Hello everyone! Only a few days back I recieved my November Deauty box (click here to go to my unboxing post). There were 7 products in this box and a lot of them looked lovely and got my attention! I decided to try them out right away and then write reviews on every product, like I promised in that unboxing post.
So one of the first items I opened and tried were the Kérastase Christalliste Luminous Perfecting Shampoo for long hair (80 ml), and the Luminous Perfecting Conditioner for dry lengths or ends (75 ml).

The packaging, to begin with, was adorable! The two products are in pink packaging. Cute!
Also, I love shapes of this packaging, might sound weird, but it would fit in my makeup bag and if I was going on a trip, I'd like this. Oh, speaking about trips, on the back of my shampoo, I saw a little airplane with "OK" on it, so you could take it on the plane if you wanted to. Same with the conditioner.
The scent of this shampoo was a little bit different than what I'm used to. This isn't bad. I love really girly, floral scents. Some of the scents that I love are a bit overwelming to other people. This shampoo smells amazing, it smells fresh and lovely. I can't really describe it, since I'm not good at explaining scents, but I really like it,  it's just a little less "overwelming" than my other products. Again, this is not a bad thing.

On to the conditioner!
Again, the scent is lovely, not too overwelming, just right.
You have to make sure your hair isn't too wet and then apply it to the dry ends of your hair. Can I just quickly say that I love Deauty for putting this in the box? After all, in winter, we all have damaged and dry ends because of putting hair in knots or because of wearing scarfs.
Anyways, I immediately noticed that this conditioner wasn't as soft as other conditioners I own. The ones that I use most of the time are very soft and make your hair feel silky, but I didn't get the feeling with this one. Maybe I didn't use enough?
I'm not sure. I will continue to use this and see if it works, the first time was a bit of a let down but I could have always done something wrong.
I'll let you know if my opinion about this conditioner changes, but for now I'm still a bit doubting.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Monthly Diary : November

Hello everyone! Happy Friday!
I know it's not the end of the month yet, but I'm going to do a little "monthly diary" post already. The reason why I'm doing this now is because I'm going to be very busy in a couple of days. The exams are coming our way and I want to be well prepared so that's why. I'll probably talk to you in another post and tell you what consequences this'll have for the blog.
This month was such a great month, I gained a lot of followers and readers, which is always fun! It's nice to sit down and write a post, knowing that people are going to read it! I also just want to thank you all real quick for commenting, visiting and following.

Here are some random pictures of what my month has been like. There aren't many pictures, I just took the ones that I loved the most! 

So in the beginning of November I went out and did a bit of shopping. We (my family and I) also had a lovely meal at this restaurant in Holland.

I found this picture on Tumblr and I thought it was so cute. It's a motivational/inspirational bunny!

I'm not exactly sure if you know this about me, but I'm a huge Marilyn Monroe lover. I collect all sorts of things with her face on it. So far my collection is getting pretty big! I was really happy when my dad got me these books! YAY, more Marilyn!

Like I said in the beginning of this post, the exams are coming up! Busy busy busy!

When I'm not studying and when the weather is good (like on this lovely morning), I love to practice my photography! I love it when I get a good picture and it inspires me to do even better next time!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

OOTD: A hint of pin-up

Hello everyone! The weekend is coming, just one more day now!
Today I had a hint of vintage in my outfit! I love pin up girls so I wore a polka dot T-shirt (I believe it was by New Look) that I combinated with a pencil skirt, again with dots (by H&M). I put a little jacket over it and the last touch I added was my brown belt.
My shoes are not in the picture, but if you want to see them, I've worn them in this post too!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

OOTD: Leaves and stars

Hello everyone, happy Wednesday!
I'm sorry for the delay, I had some problems with my editing program! Really annoying, I know!
Anyways today I have another outfit of the day for you! I love this time of year and I wanted to do at least one outfit of the day outside, so that's why I'm outside now!
It was really cold and it was raining, that's why I didn't take my scarf or gloves off, I'm sorry for that!
I wore a black sweater with a orange top over it. On the top, there's a star pattern and it also has a bit of a Peter Pan collar! I think I got it at New Look! The rest of the outfit is black.

 Oh and this morning I was wearing wedges but I decided to go for boots since it was raining!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Deauty Box Unboxing - November Edition

Hello everyone! I hope you had an amazing day! It's that day of the month again: the day I got my Deauty box!
This is a beauty box which is available in Belgium (where I live). It sends 4 to 6 travel size luxury beauty products every month. You pay €15 for one box. In this box, there were 7 products!
There were a lot of products in it that I found very interesting.

First thing I took out of the box was a Kérastase Christaliste Luminous Perfect Shampoo for long hair. (80 ml)

I always love to test out new hair products. Especially when it's shampoo or conditioner. That brings us to the next product! The Kérastase Christalise Luminous Perfecting Conditioner! This is ment to solve dry lengths or ends. (75 ml)

The next two products are by Kiehl's. This brand was featured in the October Deauty box too!
I got an ultra facial cleanser, tested for safety and gentleness, which I like! (30 ml)
There was also a little jar of ultra facial creme (7 ml). I really liked the lipbalm they put in the previous box, so let's hope I like these products as much!

Next, a L'oréal Paris product! This is the "Youth Code luminizer" (30 ml). It promises to make blemishes less visible, to make your skin smoother and all of that... You have to apply it morning and night to your face, and it can be used as a moisturizer before putting your face makeup on in the morning. I can't wait to try this one out!

Next product is by Nails by JM (Jean Marin). It's a nail polish corrector pen (4,5 ml). I've never had one of these before so I'm really excited to see how it works out for me!

And last but not least: the high impact mascara by Clinique (3.5 ml)! I think this was featured in a Glossybox as well, because my friend, who is subscribed to the Glossybox got it too! Anyways, I've already tried hers, so I know I'll love this!

Here you see all the products! I'm going to start trying them out and every once in a while you'll find an update/review on my opinion about every product!

Monday, November 19, 2012

OOTD: Everything is better when it's blue!

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great Monday! I have another outfit post for you today.
This outfit is more of a coloured outfit. I wore two blue items. My skirt had buttons on it and I thought it was so cute! Also, the buttons were the reasons I didn't want to over do it with accessories, so I decided to go for a simple golden necklace that I got at H&M this summer. Everything else, like tights, scarf, gloves and shoes  was black.

Wedges and tights by New Look
Necklace by H&M
Other items by local stores.