Tuesday, November 6, 2012

October Favies! ♥

Hello everyone, happy Tuesday!
I know I'm a little late with this post but today I wanted to write about the products I loved and used a lot in October.


This first product is a mascara. I'm very picky when it comes to mascara's because I hate spending money on one when you can't even notice it. This is the L'oréal Mega Smoky Black (Volume 24h) mascara. It came in my October Deauty box. I was pretty excited to try it out because a lot of my favourite mascaras are often by L'oréal or Maybelline. So I was kind of expecting this to be a good product and it didn't let me down for sure. I have days that I only wear mascara and I get compliments on how long my lashes look.

Another product from the October Deauty box! I had never tried this lipbalm by Kiehl's before, in fact, I had never even used a lipbalm in a tube. But I decided to try it out because I was pretty curious, and also since it's getting cold, I could use some lipbalm every once in a while. Let's just say that I don't want to apply it because I'm afraid it's going to get empty. This lipbalm is very smooth and moisturizing. Also, I personally like how it looks on my lips, it's like I'm wearing a clear lipgloss.

This YSL Volupté Sheer Candy Gloss Balm was my first high end beauty product I ever purchased. I got it somewhere in September, I believe (or maybe it was at the end of August). First of all, I love how the lipstick looks. I already feel pretty when I look at it! Also, this glossy balm is very moisturizing, it's great to wear on a daily basis and you could build up the intensity of the colour (so if you don't like really bright lipstick or lipglosses, you could just put on one or two layers). Lovely!

Aaah, this blush by Catrice! I can't say anything negative about it! I love it so, so much! I did a post on it yesterday, so click here if you want to read it! (It's a lot more detailed) 

This strawberry scented lipbalm by Yves Rocher is absolutely amazing! I love the smell, I love the colour, I love the product! Let me warn you, I didn't think I'd ever spend a lot of money on a lipbalm and after getting this I was regretting it already, but when I started using this I really fell in love with it after all.
(Oh and I don't mean it was like $50, I just mean that compared to my other lipbalms, this was probably the most expensive.) I also have a new raspberry scented lipbalm, again by Yves Rocher. I haven't opened that one. It looks a lot more pink than this one, almost like a Barbie pink!

In this picture, you see two lipsticks by Catrice. Actually the one on the left is my favourite one for the moment. I've been using it for a really long time now, it's a hot pink/ red lipstick that I absolutely love! It's called "Pink me up". Maybe not for everyone, because I'm pretty much the only one wearing hot pink and red lipstick to school, but oh well.
It would also look great if you were putting it on before going out!

My favourite fall palette! The Essence sun club palette called "02 Long Beach". This is the palette with more neutral colours, there's also another one that holds a lot of bright and shimmery colours. I recently wrote a post on this palette.

Another Essence palette! I think it's pretty obvious that I like Essence for their eyeshadows! This quattro was probably one of the most used palettes in October. I might have used it more than the Sun Club palette!
I love this palette because it holds four neutral colours that look good on every skintone, so no matter if you are pale or a little darker, these colours will probably look great on you! The pigmentation is good, it's easy to apply and as always, it is cheap. This palette is called "To Die For". It's one of my favourite neutral makeup palettes ever.

Let me know what you liked last month!
Thanks for reading!


  1. i love the ysl lipstick!
    have a good evening!
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  2. I love the YSL lipstick :)
    Sooo amazing!!!

    fashion - beauty - DIYs

  3. nice colours!!! the soft orange or peach colour I love...great for fall!!! :) xo, Alma

  4. YSL is a brand I'm super interested by, I actually ordered some stuff from them not long ago so I can't wait to try it out, Essence is one of my favourite brands, so affordable and such great quality!


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