Saturday, April 29, 2017

I ♥ Make-up Naked Chocolate palette review!

When I first got this palette, I was scared to use it. It almost looked too perfect. When I did the burgundy make-up look I was very pleasantly surprised and that's why I want to review it for you.
I only got the Naked Chocolate palette, but I ♥ Make-up cosmetics has a couple different versions of this palette too.

This is what the eyeshadows look like. A few mattes and a couple of shimmery shades. Some dark tones and some lighter ones. There are 16 different shades in this palette.

Here are some of the swatches. The shimmery colours are very pigmented but you need to build up the intensity of the matt eyeshadows.
I really like this palette. I certainly enjoyed using it the first time and have been trying to create more new looks with it. I'll be back soon with some more make-up looks and reviews!
Have a lovely day!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Freedom Noir Mattes collection review

My mom and I have been on the hunt for nude lipsticks that suit her. We have been trying different brands and shades. I often get something from the drugstore while my mom likes to browse the Internet looking for brands or shades she likes.

A couple of weeks ago we were scrolling through websites together when she found a bunch of nude lipsticks that she wanted to try from the brand "Freedom". We also found the Noir Mattes collection at thesame time, which was a set I really, really liked. 
We decided to both order one of the sets. A couple of days ago mine arrived and I can't wait to show them to you! 

The Noir Mattes collection exists out of five different lipsticks. All of the lipsticks are darker shades. 
I wish it was autumn again for a week so I could wear these lipsticks on a daily basis. Right now, I like to use them in the evening or when I have an event.

In this picture you can see the swatches of the five different colours. They range from 'light' to dark. The pigmentation is flawless.

"Twilight" is a gorgeous, deep wine red lipstick that's perfect for a dinner party or a date night.

I feel like "Watching" is the softest, most 'natural' colour in this collection. Okay, it's not your typical nude and it does draw attention, but it's still very wearable. This shade is a darker pink.

"Midnight" is the darkest of the three red shades. It's a couple shades darker than "Twilight". This lipstick has a hint of purple in it but it's very subtle.

"Darkness" really is a challenging lipstick, you do need some guts to wear this one out in the streets. The colour of this lipstick is purple. 


If you hear the name "Noir", you would expect this lipstick to be black. It isn't. "Noir" is a deep purple shade. It's a few shades darker than "Darkness". It might look like it's black from a distance, but once you get closer, you'll see the difference.
Might not be for everybody, but I think it's a very nice colour. Maybe a bit more fall and winter appropriate, but not less beautiful.

This collection is one of my favourites so far. The colours are very beautiful and very pigmented. The lipsticks are a bit dry though, so make sure you use a good lipbalm after you remove the lipstick. You could also scrub your lips before applying make-up so you don't see any bumps through the lipstick.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

EOTD: Soft smokes

Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday! 
On Sunday I showed you my newest palette called the "Flawless" palette by Revolution. I created a copper/pink look that day but realised soon enough that I can pretty much create any look I want to with this palette, there are simply so many different textures, shades and tones.

I love my soft smokey eyes, where I use lighter colours in the crease and go darker towards the upper lashline. No need for winged eyeliner and nice, gradually faded shadows. Today I decided to do one of those looks using my Flawless palette. I used green and silver eyeshadows for this look.

I think it looks really sophisticated and it doesn't even take that much work - however - blending is key in looks like these!

Have a look!

Some close-ups! 

Thanks for reading!
Have a lovely day!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Revolution Flawless palette ♥

Ever since I've lived at my boyfriend's place, I've only had one make-up palette at hand. I've been creating looks using my beloved Urban Decay Naked palette. Being the make-up addict that I am, I saw the opportunity to get a second one, after all, using thesame palette for two months can get a bit boring.
I went to the store and to my surprise almost immediately found a palette that I liked. This palette is the Revolution "Flawless" palette.

The packaging of this palette is very shiny and very gold. The 32 eyeshadows inside the make-up palette are also shiny (for the most part) and most of them are warm-toned as well.

The next pictures are two close-ups of the palette. I like this palette a lot because it has both warm and cool tones, light and dark shades, shimmery eyeshadows and mattes.

This palette is gorgeous, I can assure you, but it also needs to be good quality. Below you can see one of the looks I have created using this palette. This look was made using the cranberry and purple shades in this palette. I don't go for pink and purple very often, but when I do, I like to make it dramatic.
I was very surprised by the quality of the eyeshadows. The lighter shades do need some building up, but the darker shades (even the matte ones) have good pigmentation.
I was very surprised by how the shimmery colours popped on my eyes. I also didn't get any fall out, which is always pleasant!


Here are a few full face pictures! I'm very happy with the look and the palette. I think it's a good deal, you get 32 very nice eyeshadows in a drugstore palette that has a lot of variety. Keep reading for more!

Thanks for visiting! Have a good one!

Monday, April 17, 2017

My daily make-up look 2017

Hey guys! How have you been? 
I have done "my daily make-up look" posts  before, but I don't think I've updated it the last couple of months. It might even have been a year since I last showed you a look. While I was getting ready today, I figured I might as well show you what I have been using.

I only got my hands on the Urban Decay Naked palette a few months ago. Finally I got to see what the hype was about and I can now completely understand why all of the Naked palettes have been so popular and successful. Not a big surprise that this palette is the only one I like to keep at my boyfriend's house. 

I haven't done a review on the Urban Decay Naked palette because I felt like there were already plenty of reviews out there on the Internet. However, I have used it nearly everyday and the eyeshadows are great to work with. I also love the variety of colours because you can really get creative and try a bunch of different looks.
I have about four different looks that I like to create with this palette. This one that I'm showing you today is my favourite.

This look is a very sweet, girly and subtle look. It shows that you did put time and effort in your look, but it's not in your face like a smokey eye would be. This look is pretty much suitable for any occassion. I wear it on dates, I wear it to work or to go grocery shopping and I even wear it to go out.

I used "Naked" in my crease and later on darkened the outer corner using "Buck". Next I applied "Toasted", the rosé eyeshadow all over my lid and darkened the outer "v" with "Hustle", a purple eyeshadow that complements the pink perfectly. I also brightened the inner corner with a dusty light pink colour called "Sin". I used the lightest shade "Virgin" as a browbone highlight.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

A new 'do!

Hi everyone! 
April has been the month of changes: I have started a fulltime job, I am moving out of my own apartment and moving in with my boyfriend- and because all of that wasn't enough,
I also changed my hair colour! 

I've always struggled with damaged hair due to all the different colours and I think the blonde/white might have been a bit too much for me to handle. I've now gone back to my natural hair colour, which is dark blonde/light brown.
I'm also going to keep you updated on my hair routine and tell you which produdcts have kept my hair healthy! 

I hope you have fun today and get to eat a lot of chocolate Easter eggs! 

Saturday, April 1, 2017

H&M Glitter Dust review

Hello everyone! How have you been?
Today's review is a review that I've been looking forward to for a while! Although I like to keep my eye make-up on a daily basis quite neutral, I love to experiment and do something extra every once in a while too.
When I go out, when there's a birthday or any other special occassion, I like to go for a make-up look that stands out. Sometimes that means a smokey eye but recently, I have been loving glitter.

I got this loose glitter named after Catherine Wheel at H&M.

Here's what a tiny bit of the product looks like on my wrist. In the picture below you can see what it looks like if you 'swatch' it.
I think the glitter is really pretty. You do need a good base or some nice glitter glue to get the desired effect.

Below you can find a picture of when I did my friend's make-up. We both have thesame eye make-up look and even though the light is quite bright, you can really see the glitter pop! Lovely!
Add some eyeliner, maybe some false lashes, and you're ready to go!