Tuesday, April 25, 2017

EOTD: Soft smokes

Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday! 
On Sunday I showed you my newest palette called the "Flawless" palette by Revolution. I created a copper/pink look that day but realised soon enough that I can pretty much create any look I want to with this palette, there are simply so many different textures, shades and tones.

I love my soft smokey eyes, where I use lighter colours in the crease and go darker towards the upper lashline. No need for winged eyeliner and nice, gradually faded shadows. Today I decided to do one of those looks using my Flawless palette. I used green and silver eyeshadows for this look.

I think it looks really sophisticated and it doesn't even take that much work - however - blending is key in looks like these!

Have a look!

Some close-ups! 

Thanks for reading!
Have a lovely day!

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