Monday, April 17, 2017

My daily make-up look 2017

Hey guys! How have you been? 
I have done "my daily make-up look" posts  before, but I don't think I've updated it the last couple of months. It might even have been a year since I last showed you a look. While I was getting ready today, I figured I might as well show you what I have been using.

I only got my hands on the Urban Decay Naked palette a few months ago. Finally I got to see what the hype was about and I can now completely understand why all of the Naked palettes have been so popular and successful. Not a big surprise that this palette is the only one I like to keep at my boyfriend's house. 

I haven't done a review on the Urban Decay Naked palette because I felt like there were already plenty of reviews out there on the Internet. However, I have used it nearly everyday and the eyeshadows are great to work with. I also love the variety of colours because you can really get creative and try a bunch of different looks.
I have about four different looks that I like to create with this palette. This one that I'm showing you today is my favourite.

This look is a very sweet, girly and subtle look. It shows that you did put time and effort in your look, but it's not in your face like a smokey eye would be. This look is pretty much suitable for any occassion. I wear it on dates, I wear it to work or to go grocery shopping and I even wear it to go out.

I used "Naked" in my crease and later on darkened the outer corner using "Buck". Next I applied "Toasted", the rosé eyeshadow all over my lid and darkened the outer "v" with "Hustle", a purple eyeshadow that complements the pink perfectly. I also brightened the inner corner with a dusty light pink colour called "Sin". I used the lightest shade "Virgin" as a browbone highlight.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

A new 'do!

Hi everyone! 
April has been the month of changes: I have started a fulltime job, I am moving out of my own apartment and moving in with my boyfriend- and because all of that wasn't enough,
I also changed my hair colour! 

I've always struggled with damaged hair due to all the different colours and I think the blonde/white might have been a bit too much for me to handle. I've now gone back to my natural hair colour, which is dark blonde/light brown.
I'm also going to keep you updated on my hair routine and tell you which produdcts have kept my hair healthy! 

I hope you have fun today and get to eat a lot of chocolate Easter eggs! 

Saturday, April 1, 2017

H&M Glitter Dust review

Hello everyone! How have you been?
Today's review is a review that I've been looking forward to for a while! Although I like to keep my eye make-up on a daily basis quite neutral, I love to experiment and do something extra every once in a while too.
When I go out, when there's a birthday or any other special occassion, I like to go for a make-up look that stands out. Sometimes that means a smokey eye but recently, I have been loving glitter.

I got this loose glitter named after Catherine Wheel at H&M.

Here's what a tiny bit of the product looks like on my wrist. In the picture below you can see what it looks like if you 'swatch' it.
I think the glitter is really pretty. You do need a good base or some nice glitter glue to get the desired effect.

Below you can find a picture of when I did my friend's make-up. We both have thesame eye make-up look and even though the light is quite bright, you can really see the glitter pop! Lovely!
Add some eyeliner, maybe some false lashes, and you're ready to go!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Where have I gone?

Hello everyone! How have you been?
Some of you might be wondering where I've gone this last week. How's life? What am I up to when I'm not blogging?

I have to admit that earlier this month I decided to drop out of school for personal reasons. Although I don't want to get into details, I have to say that it is a big relief to be able to start over. Of course, I did struggle with my decision for a while, but it was something that no longer put a smile on my face.

So... I haven't blogged in a week and I haven't gone to school in a while. What hàve I been doing?

I have accepted a fulltime job that I do with a lot of passion and my boyfriend and I (I don't talk about him a lot but he does exist haha) have been looking for a place of our own.

The future is starting now. I don't know what it may bring, but I know that I'm very happy right now and that's what matters.

Have a lovely day, do what you love and I'll talk to you soon!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

EOTD: A dash of silver

Goodmorning everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today's post is one that I'm very excited about. You might have seen a little something pop up on Instagram already. (Click the word "Instagram", it'll take you to my page if you'd like to see the posts I'm referring to)

Recently I told you that I haven't been experimenting with make-up that much anymore and that I do really miss it. So I made a change and have been making time to try out new things. I went out of my comfort zone and went for a red/burgundy smokey eye look, which I didn't think I'd love, but I ended up liking it a lot. 

I used my "I ♥ make-up chocolate palette", which has been sitting on my desk since I got it in November, but I almost didn't want to use it because it was too pretty. I swatched it, and then that was it. I looked at it every single day but never touched it. Until now and I'm glad I did. The colours are wearable and the possibilities for looks are endless. They're also very pigmented and easy to blend. I'll have a more in depth review online soon.

Like I said, I used burgundy and red tones a lot, combined with a nice, dark chocolate brown.
In the middle of the lid, I added some H&M Fluid Foil (read my review on this product by clicking here). This is a gorgeous sparkly silver which lights up the look a little bit and makes it more wearable.

To neutralize the red tones and not make me look sick, I applied eyeliner on both the upper- and lower lashline.

Here's a full face of the make-up look. Close up pictures will be enclosed in my review on the palette that I used.
I hope you enjoyed today's post and I'll see you soon! 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

MAC face off: Dark Side vs. Diva

I'm a typical girly girl. Sure, I like different colours than pink and no I'm not scared of cracking my nails - but I enjoy doing girly things as well. I like doing my make-up and dressing up. I love hanging out with friends to have a dinner party or watch a movie.
 One of the things I love about my friends is talking about make-up (and of course my friends support my blog which is really great).

One of the bigger subjects in the group was the MAC "Diva" lipstick. I had quite some trouble getting my hands on the beautiful and wildly popular item. 
I got "Dark Side" instead - another MAC colour - that is almost identical to Diva. Today I'm reviewing and comparing them for you. Just in case you're looking for a dupe :).

Both of the lipsticks are in the regular collection, but the chance of you getting your hands on "Dark Side" is much bigger.
Dark Side is pretty much the exact same colour as "Diva", but there is some sheen in the lipstick. Whereas "Diva" is completely matte (and therefore a little more dry). That's really the only difference.

Below you can see some swatches of the two lipsticks. The left one is "Dark Side" and the right one is "Diva".

Have a lovely day and I'll see you soon!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Manicure Monday: you and me?

As I woke up this morning, the weather was soft and the sun was shining. It was such a good feeling waking up to sunlight rather than rain or just grey clouds. This inspired me to paint my nails in a soft, sweet colour.

Today I picked a pastel purple that I recently got from Essence. It's called "You and me?". Absolutely beautiful if you ask me!

I'm never disappointed with Essence nailpolish! Available for €1.69 a piece!

Have a lovely day and I'll see you on Wednesday!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

EOTD: Eyepoppin'

Hi everyone!
I'm finally back with an "eye of the day". It's been quite a while since I've experimented with eye make-up, but today I had some extra time and I was feeling in the mood for something a little different. I created a look that is completely based on warm colours such as red, orange, copper and gold.

I used my Too Face natural eye palette to create shadows in my crease. I started with "Cashmere bunny" from inner to outer corner and then darkened the look with "Erotica" and "Sexpresso". Click here to read my review and see swatches of the eyeshadows that I'm talking about.

Next I mixed "Texture" and "Coppering" by MAC and applied that onto my eyelid. Because I'm using a lot of copper shades, I decided to go for eyeliner on the upper lashline as well as the waterline. Using reds or copper tones can make you look sick very easily and black eyeliner helps neutralize that.

Afterwards I also applied some gold eyeliner on top of the black eyeliner to give the look some extra "pop". The eyeliner that I used was from a limited edition by Essence. (Click here for the review and more pictures).

Below you can see what the full face looks like! 

What do you think?
Have a nice day!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Essence shine shine shine lipgloss review ♥

2017 is the year of change. I've had quite a bit of change in my life this year so far. After being single for three years I started dating again and I might be moving again - to give you a few examples. The make-up trends are changing as well.
After quite a long period of only wearing matt lipsticks and the matt lipgloss trends, Essence is back with lipglosses that are very, very shiny! They are supposed to give your lips a wet look and I like it!

Their newest "shine, shine, shine" lipgloss collection incorporates thirteen new lipglosses, of which I got two. Along with the two lipglosses, I also got an adorable make-up bag with an inspirational quote on it! Cute!
Let me introduce you to my two newest beauties, called "Behind the scenes" and "Runway, your way".

The first lipgloss, "Behind the scenes" is just a shiny lipgloss that has no colour. It'll give your lips a nice look, but expect no additional colour from this one. I've never had a lipgloss like this before but I think it's nice to have one in my collection.

"01 Behind the scenes"
The second one is one of the darkest colours in the collection. A nice, dark purple. It does look lighter after you put it on. Perfect for this time of year if you ask me.
12 Runway, your way
The swatches pretty much speak for themselves, I think. They are so beautiful and have got such a nice texture, it really is a pleasure to apply.
They are a little bit sticky though - but that's what you can expect from lipglosses.

Here's what the colour "Runway, your way" looks like on my lips. I must admit I really do like the colour. I did have to put some extra effort in applying the lipgloss evenly though - it's can be hard to get thesame coverage everywhere.

The lipglosses cost €1.99 a piece.
Thanks for reading! Have a nice day!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Manicure Monday: Fame Fatal

As a big beauty addict, I have to keep track of all the stuff I get. Very often I'll buy something and forget about it in a week. Only the really good stuff stays in my favourites for a longer time.

Recently, I've discovered that -although my nailpolish collection is quite extensive - I didn't have a normal red nailpolish. I have pink and burgundy,  berry and everything in between,  but no red to be found.
 When I was a young teen it was a colour that wasn't appropriate for me but now I'm in my twenties, I think it looks classy and timeless.

As you know,  Essence is my ride or die nailpolish brand. The quality you get for the price is absolutely amazing.
This beautiful red is called "Fame Fatal".

This red manicure sure gets me away from feeling blue on Mondays! 
Have a good one,  I hope to see you again soon! 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

NYX Soft matte lip cream review!

Hello everyone! How are you? I hope you enjoyed my last post on my visit to London.
Ah, I had so much fun! 

Do you bring home souvenirs everytime you go some place? I used to do all that, but my type of souvenirs has changed. I bring home regular present for the people I love, and I bring home a lot of make-up that we don't have here in Belgium for myself.
From London, I brought home a set with three lipcreams by NYX. The three lipcreams in this set are pretty dark. Burgundy/purple colours, which I happen to love - and while the weather still feels wintery, why not ajust your make-up on it?

The three colours are called "Copenhagen", "Havana" and "Vancouver". Absolutely beautiful colours. The packaging isn't really eyepopping, but the colours sure do make up for that!

Here are some swatches of what the lipcream looks like. As you can see, the pigmentation is quite alright!

From left to right: Vancouver, Copenhagen, Havana
 The lipcreams are very soft and have good coverage. "Copenhagen" needs a little more work, it doesn't apply as even as "Vancouver" or "Havana" does. You'll get there, but it'll take about five more minutes. The lipcreams last long, I touch them up about once or twice a night.

Overall I'm very happy to have these in my collection. The colours are unlike anything I have in my collection and they're fun to play around with. I like!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Travel Diary: London

Hello everyone! How have you been doing?
I haven't been keeping you up to date when it comes to my travelling adventures! 

I recently went to London for the first time in my life and I had a blast! Going to London has been a long time dream and even though I didn't get to visit everything I wanted, I saw and learned a lot of new things! 
Here are a couple of pictures! I hope you enjoy!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Valentine's Day make-up look #1

Valentine's Day is coming up in less than a week and I am - for once - very excited by that.
It's the first time in three years that I get to spend this Valentine's Day with someone who is more special to me than anybody else.

I very rarely base my look on an occassion, but this is one of those special times. This look focusses more on the lips and less on the eyes.

The eye make-up on this one is rather soft. I used my Too Faced Natural Eye palette for the crease and outer corner eyeshadows. You can make them as intense as you want,  but I didn't want a fullblown smokey eye. I did do a lot of eyeliner but that is optional. For the lid,  I used my purple highlighter from the Sleek highlighting palette. I didn't think it'd work out,  but it did. So pretty!

I wasn't really in the mood for a red lip (I wear red lips on a daily basis) so I went for a hot pink. This one is from Catrice's Victorian limited edition. I think it's eyecatching,  but still wearable.

Are you planning a special make-up look for Valentine's Day? Let me know!

As always,  thank you loads for reading! Have a nice day!