Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy 2018!

Hi! If you're reading this at an early hour, I'm going to be too early and if you're only reading this the next day, I might be a little late.

I'm just online to wish you a very happy New Year! 
I can't wait for what 2018 has in store for me and I hope you feel thesame way. I hope you have a lot of projects coming up that will make you grow as a person and will boost your personality.

Dance the night away, kiss the person you love and don't forget to come back in 2018!
Have a good one!

Friday, December 29, 2017

Travel Diary: Lisbon part #5

Hi everyone! This is my second to last post about Lisbon! I'm taking you on my foodie tour as well as to the Carmo Convent. It's right in the center of Lisbon, not far away from Bairro Alto (the neighbourhood with loads of bars and restaurants) and it's gorgeous! 

I started my day by having some tapas! I ate prawns in garlic (which a friend recommended to have) and a white sangria. After I filled my tummy, I started walking and ended up at the Carmo Convent. This convent has been partially destroyed and was never rebuilt. It's quite impressive to see and I can only imagine what it must have looked like before the earthquake.

The inside of the convent is not that big but there are loads of things to see. There were even a couple of mummies!

After visiting the Carmo Convent, I went out for food with a local girl I met at the Hard Rock Café! We went for sushi and on the way there, the mall was beautifully lit up - too pretty not to take a picture!

That night I had the most amazing sushi I have ever had in my life - I never thought I'd have to go to Portugal for that, hah!
We had sushi with kiwi, marshmellows and even strawberries! What an experience!

I had a blast that night and made some new friends!

I'll see you soon for the last part of my Travel Diaries! 
Keep safe!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

OOTD: All yellow, out with my fellow

I have always thought it was a strange thing that people get close around Christmas, only to ignore each other for the rest of the year. 

My boyfriend and I try to go out on a date night at least once a week. It's our way of reconnecting, especially if we haven't had time to really make time for each other the rest of the week. We both work a lot, both have our hobbies an both have friends that we like to keep in contact with - and sometimes that's a lot!

We always take a walk to some restaurant that we've always wanted to try (or we go to thesame one twice in a row) and try to avoid our phones the whole night to talk to each other - which isn't easy when you have the most beautiful dessert in the world standing in front of you!
It's a rule we made when we first started dating because I didn't want stop going out together and forget about all the fun experiences we've had. I didn't want us to just stay home and sit in front of the TV, sharing nothing but an interest in the series we're watching.

While walking to restaurants all around Bruges, we often find really nice places that even we - as locals - forget about or haven't even discovered yet.

Last week we had a pancake date (I know, I'm an old lady on the inside) and walking up this bridge I just had to have a picture.
This outfit is something I wouldn't typically wear during the winter time but well, what do you know, I was in a good mood.

My leather skirt as well as the shirt that I'm wearing come from a store called "Shop One". I got these items in Portugal because I didn't know the brand yet but they had really cute things. Wouldn't want to miss out on that!
My purse, tights and boots are by H&M.

Thanks for reading! Happy Wednesday!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Gooooodmorning! I am back but just for a little while! 
I wanted to stop by and wish you a very Merry Christmas! I really hope that all of you have a warm place to go where you can feel that you are loved and where laughter is  key.

I hope you can go to bed with a filled tummy and not a single worry on your mind.


Have a magical day!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

One year of happiness!

Although we don't have anything like Thanksgiving in Belgium, the Christmas time is the ideal time to spend with family and to think of everyone who has changed your life.
Because I like to write about lifestyle too, every once in a while, I thought I'd do a nice post on the person that has been the biggest influence in my life since last year.

I remember when Baptiste and I first got together. I never wanted to share much on my blog because I know some people might not be looking on here with the right intentions - and I just wanted to keep it my intimate, cosy place to go. I didn't want to put my whole relationship on the Internet. Especially not in the first months because, what if we broke up after a couple of months?
I just really wasn't feeling it and although I didn't keep it a secret on my personal Facebook (the relationship status has never been changed faster), I did not talk about it on my blog.

One year later, both of us are convinced we are going the right way and it's nice not to hide him from the blog.
I do like to include him because you guys deserve to know what's going on. The friends that are reading this, as well as the people from the other side of the world who support me by reading my every post, deserve this.

We started out as two co-workers. I worked on the day shift in a bar to be able to pay for college and Baptiste worked the night shifts. I spoke to him once while going out in that bar, to ask him if I could put my coat in the back (because I was dayshift staff but he probably didn't know this), and that was it.

But then, one year ago on a rainy December night, my friend and I decided we would go out - and we would go all out (if you know what I mean). We dressed up, did our hair, did our make-up and just went to a bar. My friend and I went there often but I had never seen Baptiste there before. That night I went over to say 'hello' because I thought it'd be the polite thing to do (and I was feeling hella sexy) and in the following weeks I started to see him appear in the bar more and more. He usually had one or another lame excuse when I asked him what he was doing or who he was meeting in the bar. Turns out he lived just around the corner and took a different route home - just so he could pass by the bar to see if I was there.

We started casually texting and even went out twice before we were together. I slept over a couple of times and there it was. I just couldn't deny that I felt... safe.
I didn't feel pressure to pretend like I was better or more popular than I actually was. I didn't feel like I would get judged. For the first time I didn't feel like a guy just talked to me because he needed something from me. He didn't buy a drink so I would go home with him. He would compliment me just to see me take off my clothes (which is rare).
I felt at peace. It's was so weird because I wanted him to think I was perfect, but I wasn't going to lie for it and I knew he wasn't going to think differently about me when he found out what my flaws were. 

From then on things went pretty quickly. One morning I was trying to sneak out when I bumped into his mom and we actually spent a couple of hours talking (little did I know he already told her about me).
Ever since that day, we have been inseperable. We started to travel together: Londen, Paris, Disneyland, Malaga - and aside from my trip to Portugal (where I slept alone for six nights), we've never slept apart that long.
We moved in together pretty quickly and made it against all odds. They say the Ikea trip and the moving in are the biggest tests, but it just all went so smooth, I couldn't believe it.

Sometimes I still sit in the couch next to him and stare at him. He'll always ask me what's going on and I'll whisper "are you real?".
Aside from a lover, I have found myself a best friend, someone to rely on and the biggest fan I could wish for. He'll listen to me ramble about the reviews I still have to write, he'll come check up on the look that I'm doing that day (blend more!) and he'll stop me in the streets because "this is a nice place to take outfit pictures".

I have been blessed with more than I could ever wish for. A safe haven and a solid rock - and although things aren't always great, I know I'll always have a home with him.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Christmas make-up look #2

Happy Thursday! I can't believe we're going to celebrate Christmas in a couple of days already! I have been looking forward to Christmas for a few weeks now and one of the things I enjoy most is picking out outfits and looks. 

This look is quite different than the one I uploaded on Sunday.
It's a bit darker, but it's all matt. Dark browns and blacks on the lid, orange and red eyeshadows in the crease.

I think it looks different, yet very sophisticated.

The palette that I used to make this look is the Kat Von D Sinner & Saint palette. This palette holds so many colours and has so many options for looks, it's crazy!
I still have a review with swatches of this palette coming up, so if you'd like to see what the palette is like, you can wait for that review.

I will be doing tons of looks with this palette - I think I'll challenge myself to do five completely different looks using this one palette. What do you think?

After finishing my look with the Kat Von D palette, I decided to apply some copper pigment by MAC in the inner corner for that extra touch!

If you'd like, you can also wear false lashes for this look. I'm really not good at applying them (on myself) but I think for this look, it would be extra beautiful! 

I hope this inspired you a little! Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

It does not matter how slow you go as long as you do not stop

Yes, I just quoted the most known Tumblr quote ever in my title and I'm not even sorry.
Recently, I've seen tons of self taught make-up artists, share these pictures of how their make-up was years ago and how it is now.
Feeling inspired, I came online and found some pictures from three years ago. I thought it'd be fun how much I - and this blog - have changed!

Sometimes I feel like I'm not achieving everything I want fast enough and like today's title says, it really doesn't matter how slow you go,
as long as you don't stop.
Because stopping is going backwards. I hope you do take the time to reflect on yourself every once in a while - and if you're a beauty lover like me and you reflect on your make-up skills, I hope it will boost your confidence!

Have a lovely day! I hope to see you soon! 

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Christmas make-up look #1

Goodmorning  everyone! Are you feeling the Christmas spirit yet?
Today I have a new look for you guys, the first Christmas make-up look that I'm going to do on the blog! I went a little more out of the box than I normally would. This look is mainly green - and glittery - of course! Tis the season!

The star of the show for this look is my Fenty Beauty Galaxy palette. This palette is absolutely gorgeous and of course I will be doing a more in depth review on it!

Here are some close-ups of my make-up! The sparkly green is from the Fenty Beauty Galaxy palette and all the other ones are from the 35E palette by Morphe. The extra touch is my green eyeliner! I used the Glam Aqua Luxe liner by NYX!
The little green highlight in my inner corner is from a new palette by Kat Von D that I got! It's called the "Alchemist Holographic palette" - you'll see it appear very soon!


And here are some full face pictures!

I hope this inspired you a little bit! Have a nice day!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Travel Diary: Lisbon part #4

Happy Fri-yay!
We're beginning to reach the end of our Lisbon Travel Diaries. Two more posts and then that's done too! Even though it hasn't been that long ago, I still enjoy looking back. Going on a holiday on my own is something that I have never done before but it was such a cool experiment and I have learned so much from it.

Just like in the last post I wrote on Lisbon, I'm taking you back to Sintra. Sintra is 45 minutes away from Lisbon by train and it has the most beautiful castles. This post focusses on Pena Palace - which is unlike any castle or building you've ever seen. I feel like the Pena Palace looks like something that a kid could have drawn: the design and the colours are so extraordinary!

It's really hard to get a picture from a good angle because there are so many people walking by, so many angles, so many different things you want to capture and just so little space on the little screen that you're holding.

This is what the palace looks like when you walk up. As you can see it has many different levels and the first thing that probably gets your attention is the bright yellow.


The beautiful entrance with many gremlins on the walls and different kinds of beautiful textures.

This picture right here must be one of my favourites. You can see the beautiful yellow part as well as the red part of the castle (which was closed down for renovations, unfortunately) and you can tell how high up this castle was built. From here, you could see the Moorish castle as well.
Oh and that skyline!

Are we in Hogwarts?

Inside the castle you could see a vanity, showers, bathrooms, bedrooms, lounges (...) from former kings - and different generations.
It was so beautiful and I can only imagine how luxurious it must have been! 

After that trip, we went to a local wine shop where we had some Ginja (a cherry liquor that you drink out of a chocolate cup) and some local beers.

That's it for today! Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

EOTD: Cotton Candy

Goodmorning! How have you been? 
Today's look is a little "out of the box". It's something that I've never done before but I saw some pictures online and got inspired. For this look I've used all kinds of pink.

I used my Morphe palette (click here for the link to my review), as well as my bright pink H&M eyeshadow and to top it all off, I tried my new glitter eyeliner by NYX. 
Here are the swatches of all the products I used.

This is the look that I have created. It's actually a pretty simple make-up look, and the eyeliner gives a nice touch. Everytime you look down or everytime you blink, it's a special little detail.
I used the brightest pink in my crease and darkened up the outer V. The inner corner of my eyes is a lot lighter. Doing this makes me look more awake.
As always, I finished my look with some liner. Both upper and lower lashline are covered in some gel eyeliner - to even out the look.

Let me know what you think! 
Have a lovely day!