Friday, December 15, 2017

Travel Diary: Lisbon part #4

Happy Fri-yay!
We're beginning to reach the end of our Lisbon Travel Diaries. Two more posts and then that's done too! Even though it hasn't been that long ago, I still enjoy looking back. Going on a holiday on my own is something that I have never done before but it was such a cool experiment and I have learned so much from it.

Just like in the last post I wrote on Lisbon, I'm taking you back to Sintra. Sintra is 45 minutes away from Lisbon by train and it has the most beautiful castles. This post focusses on Pena Palace - which is unlike any castle or building you've ever seen. I feel like the Pena Palace looks like something that a kid could have drawn: the design and the colours are so extraordinary!

It's really hard to get a picture from a good angle because there are so many people walking by, so many angles, so many different things you want to capture and just so little space on the little screen that you're holding.

This is what the palace looks like when you walk up. As you can see it has many different levels and the first thing that probably gets your attention is the bright yellow.


The beautiful entrance with many gremlins on the walls and different kinds of beautiful textures.

This picture right here must be one of my favourites. You can see the beautiful yellow part as well as the red part of the castle (which was closed down for renovations, unfortunately) and you can tell how high up this castle was built. From here, you could see the Moorish castle as well.
Oh and that skyline!

Are we in Hogwarts?

Inside the castle you could see a vanity, showers, bathrooms, bedrooms, lounges (...) from former kings - and different generations.
It was so beautiful and I can only imagine how luxurious it must have been! 

After that trip, we went to a local wine shop where we had some Ginja (a cherry liquor that you drink out of a chocolate cup) and some local beers.

That's it for today! Thanks for reading!

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