Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I'm leaving + face of the day!

Hello everyone!
Oh god, I am both exited and sad. I'm leaving tomorrow for a trip with school, which is amazing and I think it's going to be a lot of fun. But I won't be able to blog for (maximum) two days, which makes me a bit sad too.
Anyways, I will make it up to you guys with a post about everything that happened there, pictures and all, so that you can see what it was like! After all, I don't want to share fashion and beauty stuff, I also like sharing some personal stuff every once in a while!

Today I just wanted to post my face of the day. I have blogged about my purple Estée Lauder lipstick before and I wore it quite a few times, but never for school. I decided that now was the time to wear it, no matter what anyone said. After all, the only one who has to like the lipstick is me.
And damn, I do really like it! I kept the rest of my face neutral because I didn't want my eye makeup and my lipstick to clash. I don't think it did, I just wore gel eyeliner (Midnight in Paris by Essence, if you're wondering!)
I have a few pictures of my face of the day, scroll down to see them!

Oh, and I just realized that my lipstick matches the colour of my orchids! How cute, don't you think?
Have a good day and I hope to see you on Saturday! 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January favies!

As you all know, if you have read my blog recently, I won't be updating on Thursday and Friday because I'm leaving for a trip with school.
That's why, even though the month hasn't ended yet, I'm going to do a January favies post!

I've been loving a lot of hair products, I've been trying out quite a few as well... When you decide to dye your hair in a red colour, you should always know that from now on you kind of have a second job.
In the picture you see two Pantene products. The red one on the left is "Red Expressions conditioner" and the white one above it is a color & protect shampoo.

Another product that I've tried is Dove hair therapy color care conditioner. It should make your hair look shiny and nice for a long time. I love how this smells. Not too much, not like an old lady either.
The Pantene products smell a bit similar, by the way!

On the right side you see another hairproduct. This is the Schwarzkopf professional hair therapy color freeze shampoo. I got this for free when I went to get my hair done this weekend. It should keep the red vibrant and nice looking. I love the smell of it and you don't need a lot at all!

A new product that I've been liking a lot is the Garnier Pure Active tinted spot roll on concealer. It was really popular but I never got it because it was quite expensive. However, I looked for it everywhere and I was able to get it for nearly nothing.

Then my Kiehl's lipbalm is another favourite. It has been a really cold, annoying, painful-lip month so this really helped me out a lot. Thank god for this product, I swear.
I've also been loving my local drugstore's eyeslash curler and I re-discovered the FM makeup palette that I blogged about earlier.
And of course, like every month, my Apricot Smoothie blush by Catrice is a favourite once again!

What products have you been liking this month?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekly Diary 27-01-2013

Goodmorning everyone! How are you all doing? It's Sunday today, which means it's time for another weekly diary post. My week hasn't been as exciting as other weeks.
It was "just" a week. Nothing special, really.


Earlier this week I was taking pictures of a boat load of products. The lighting was finally good enough to take pictures with natural light so I wanted to take the chance to get some nice pictures.
But after taking the pictures of my red lipstick by Kate Moss (Kiss of life), I couldn't find it anymore and I was so worried. I honestly lost sleep over it.
 I was taking a test on Friday and while looking in my bag for something, the lipstick randomly sat there. What? I had been looking all over the place and I had even looked in that bag! Anyways, I'm very glad to have it back!

I think I have mentioned it in a post before. I'm leaving my city for a school trip for two days, on Thursday and Friday. We're going to be living close to/in a castle for those two days and we're just going to have two days of relaxing and playing games. I think it'll be good for the group bonding.

Favorite necklace of the week!


I think I'm addicted to memes, I honestly spent way too much time cracking up over this one. 

New red hair! Yay! It's finally brighter than last time I got my hair done and I'm really happy with how it turned out to look. I'm happy with the fact that you can see that it's red and not that it's brown, which was something I wasn't too sure about last time I got my hair done.
I still want it just one teeny tiny bit more red but we'll see when that day comes.

I hope you all had a great week and I hope you're all okay.
Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

FOTD: Fantasia

Hello everyone! How is your day?
I'm doing great! I got a new layer of awesomness (read: red hairdye) this morning and I'm really excited about it!
I want to do a face of the day today, I used two products from the Essence Fantasia collection and since I've never shown it in pictures, I got the idea of doing it today.
I used the Essence Fantasia highlighter and a pink eyeshadow from thesame collection called "Have you seen my unicorn"?

Can you see the highlighter too? Isn't it just lovely?

Products used:

- Pink eyeshadow: 'Have you seen my unicorn?' - Essence Fantasia collection
- Purple eyeshadow: 'Swirl it, baby' - Essence Marble Mania collection
- Liquid eyeliner: drugstore brand
- Mascara: L'Oréal 'Black Smoke Volume'
- Blush: 'Apricot Smoothie' by Catrice
- Highlight: Essence Fantasia highlighter

Have a great day!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy Weekend!

Happy Friday everyone! Since its' freezing even harder than yesterday I changed into pants and sweater instead of the dress. After all I don't want to get too sick since I have something really cool coming up (I'll tell you about it later).
I started taking outfit pictures against the wall that you guys are probably familiar with already, but when my mom sent me out to feed the ducks in the lake close to our house (let's face it, they need food and caretakers too) I decided to take my camera and try to get some good pictures of me in the snow.
Hmm, how shall I put it? It was freezing cold and I only took two pictures, then I put on my coat and ran home... Yeah, that's pretty much how I would describe this "outfit session", haha. But hey, can you blame me?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Liebster Award

The Liebster Award is a tag to get to know people with less than 200 followers a bit more. I was tagged recently and I thought it would be fun to do. Here are the questions that I have to answer.

1. What is your favourite colour?
    I have two favourite colours; Mintgreen and cherry red!

2. If you had to chose between and all black and all white outfit, what would it be?
    Probably an all black outfit. White gets dirty way too easy and I feel "more safe" in black.

3. What is your personal beauty secret?
   My beauty secret is blush. I am very pale, personally so I find that blush makes me look healthier.

4. What inspires you the most when it comes to dressing up? 
Vintage girls, to be 100% honest. I'm talking 50's ladies and pin up girls. Ah, love 'em! 


5. What is your favourite pair of shoes?
 I have a lovely pair of stiletto heels that I got at New Look last summer. I only wear it to special occasions but they're really my all time favies!

6. If you could have any designer gown, which one would it be?
    Hmm, I'd probably go with Chanel!

7. Who do you think had the biggest influence on your style evolution?
Marilyn Monroe, obviously. Well, basically she just made me want to wear more classy things. Kim Kardashian made me love wearing dresses that accentuate my curves. As for my pin up obsession... I guess all of the pin up girls that I see on the internet!


8. What do you like to wear around the house?
    A tight top with baggy pants. Sooo comfty!

9. Do you ever give advice to people on what they should wear?
Not really. Most of my friends have a great style when it comes to fashion so they don't really need help.

10. What is the best fashion purchase, the item of clothing or accessory that you're so glad you have?
I know it might sound silly to a few of you, but I'd have to say all the dresses/pencil skirts that I got from H&M. There's something about H&M dresses... The length is perfect, the patterns are cute, the cleavage is okay... I just love how they fit me. Oh, and it's cheap.

11. Do you read fashion magazines?
 Yes, I do read magazines like Elle magazine, Marie Claire, Vogue... There's tons of inspiration in there!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekly Diary

Happy Sunday you guys! How are you doing?
Today I'm going to give you a little overview of my week. It was a bit of a relaxed week. Friday I went to see a play with actors that I used to watch on TV every week when I was younger. It was quite nice, actually. Also it started snowing - again. But of course there was more to this week than just the play and the snow!

I finished two products for my challenge! Yay! I know I still have eight more to go, but oh well. The day that I finish the challenge successfully is coming closer!


I'm helping out a friend of mine. She's doing a project about Marilyn Monroe and asked me for some information. Perfect way for a  Marilyn fan to spend her Saturday evening, if you ask me!

I've been loving these "memes", I think they're so funny. My best friend and I both have a pretty nice collection of these kind of pictures on our phone.

Like I said, it has been freezing and snowing for a while now. I took my camera with me on Monday when I went to school by foot, but the pictures turned out to be.... unclear. Anyways I wanted to show them.

Oh, I also found this picture of Christina Aguilera with red hair. God, I think it's so beautiful! I love her "Candyman" video. I've also been liking "Thinking of you" by Katy Perry a lot. Probably my two favourite songs ever!

Friday, January 18, 2013

The 10 products makeup challenge - update #1

Hello everyone! As you probably know, one of my new years resolutions was to stop buying as much makeup as I have in 2012. It took up a lot of my budget and right now I'm trying to save up a bit.

This morning when I woke up I did my foundation, like I always do when I go to school. I started by using my L'Oréal Youth Code luminizer. After pumping twice I had the feeling that it didn't go as smooth as it used to.... Guess what, it's empty!

So I was quite glad because this is the first product I finished, only nine more to go! I continued doing my makeup using my L'Oréal True Match foundation when barely anything came out. The pump was a little bit dirty so I thought that maybe it got blocked, but even after cleaning, almost nothing came out.

I have finished my second product! I've used this for one year and a half in total, which is amazing because I never thought it would last this long! I would really repurchase this.
I just wouldn't repurchase the luminizer, it wasn't really a "great" product for me, I didn't see anything change.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What is your acne telling you?

Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday! I hope you all had an amazing day. 

Since New Year's Eve, I have had two acne break outs. I don't know how it happened or why it happened, I just know that I suffered from acne a lot - all at once. Of course, this isn't fun. So today I'm going to show you where your acne is coming from, and what you can do against it. I found this picture on Tumblr, so I don't own it, but I thought it was quite helpful! Keep on reading...

1 & 2: Digestive System — Eat less processed or junk food, reduce the amount of fat in your diet, step up water intake and opt for cooling things like cucumbers.

3: Liver — Cut out the alcohol, greasy food and dairy. This is the zone where food allergies also show up first, so take a look at your ingredients. Besides all this, do 30 minutes of light exercise every day and get adequate sleep so your liver can rest.

4 & 5: Kidneys — Anything around the eyes (including dark circles) point to dehydration. Drink up!

6: Heart — Check your blood pressure and Vitamin B levels. Decrease the intake of spicy or pungent food, cut down on meat and get more fresh air. Besides this, look into ways to lower cholesterol, like replacing “bad fats” with “good fats” such as Omegas 3 and 6 found in nuts, avocados, fish and flax seed. Also, since this area is chock-full of dilated pores, check that your makeup is not past its expiry date or is skin-clogging.

7 & 8: Kidneys — Again, drink up! And cut down on aerated drinks, coffee and alcohol as these will cause further dehydration.

Zone 9 & 10: Respiratory system — Do you smoke? Have allergies? This is your problem area for both. If neither of these is the issue, don’t let your body overheat, eat more cooling foods, cut down on sugar and get more fresh air. Also keep the body more alkaline by avoiding foods that make the body acidic (meat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, sugar) and adding more alkalizing foods like green veggies and wheatgrass juice. Another thing that most of forget – dirty cell phones and pillow cases are two of the top acne culprits and this area is what they affect the most!

Zone 11 & 12: Hormones — This is the signature zone for stress and hormonal changes. And while both are sometimes unavoidable, you can decrease their effect by getting adequate sleep, drinking enough water, eating leafy veggies and keeping skin scrupulously clean. Another interesting point: breakouts in this area indicate when you are ovulating (and on which side).

Zone 13: StomachStep up the fibre intake, reduce the toxin overload and drink herbal teas to help with digestion.

14: Illness — Zits here can be a sign that your body is fighting bacteria to avoid illness. Give it a break, take a yoga class, take a nap, take time to breathe deeply, drink plenty of water and know that everything always works out!

In case you have really bad acne break outs, you can go ahead and see a doctor or dermatologist to tell you more about causes and solutions.
I hope this helped you a little bit!
Have a good evening!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Chocolate Strawberries!

Hello everyone!
The post is a bit later online today, I know, I've been working on a school project with class mates and I just got home, that's why.

Anyways, today my post is going to be about the amazing body butters by The Body Shop. I know a lot of bloggers write about this and it's a very known product in the beautyblogger world, but oh well.
I got these two little body butters a little less than a month ago. They are "mini", so they were cheaper.
Not only is this great to give away, like for the holidays, it's also amazing if you want to try out a new scent but you're not sure if you'll still like it after a while. So you grab this just to be safe.

I got two mini body butters for myself. These two are ones that I had been wanting for a really really long time. The Chocomania body butter, which smells just like chocolate (and I also like the picture on the jar a lot), and the strawberry body butter.

So after almost a month using these two body butters, I'm still not close to emptying the jars (which won't happen soon, I hope, because I love them so much!)
I combine them; one week I use strawberry and the other week I use chocolate. My sister doesn't like any of the scents, she says she likes the mango one better (she has it herself).
I know I do really like them and I know exactly which ones I would like to repurchase... Full size this time!

If you ever have the chance to try out the little ones, don't pass up the opportunity, I have been enjoying it for quite a while now and I think this is just a safe way to try all of the scents, or a great way to give your friends something they might want to try/like. I'm not sure if they still sell it throughout the year, but I'll check next time I go there and I'll let you know!

Have a good evening!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekly Diary

Hello everyone! Wow, another week has passed! Today I'm going to show you what my week looked like, in pictures.

I've had two J.K. Rowing books on my desk lately. I don't have much time to read but after a rough day it's always fun to sit back and relax with a bit of magic. I have started the second book, "A Casual Vacancy", but I haven't gotten far yet. So far I do really like it. It proves that J.K. Rowling is both talented when it comes to writing fantasy books for kids and adult books.

Writing myself!

Saving up money in the cutest piggy bank in the world! I'm saving up for an iPhone!

Oh look! It's alive! I love having some plants in my room. I have a little tree, two orchid and a bunch of other, little flowers. This ons is in my Marilyn Monroe mug, my dad thought it would be adorable and I agreed! These little details make me really happy. Can't wait to see it grow. Thanks, dad!

Last week I discovered that my waterbottle looks cute at times. So I took a picture of it. Did anyone say random?

Tattoo inspiration! Isn't it beautiful?

Bedroom inspiration! I love pictures like this, vintage, snuggly, books, ah! Love!

Still didn't break my new year's resolution! I have been eating healthy and I've been drinking a lot of water lately. I didn't lose any weight yet but oh well, at least I'm getting some vitamines!
So how was your week?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Klorane dry shampoo review (Deauty box December)

I haven't done any review of my Deauty box from December yet, so I decided that today I wanted to review my Klorane dry shampoo.
This is an extra gentle dry shampoo with oat milk in it. I have bangs so I think it's easy to have a dry shampoo. This dry shampoo was one of the things I was very enthousiastic about. I never really used dry shampoo before, I just washed my hair when it got a bit too greasy, but I think this is something really helpful for when you're in a hurry.

I like this dry shampoo, it's not too big, which means it's very handy to take with you in a bag or anything. It works very well, so it does everything a dry shampoo should do. Also, this is white dry shampoo so brunettes might not like this that much because of the colour it might leave on your hair, but I don't have any problems with the colour of the dry shampoo, and I'm a redhead.

So yes, I'd really say this is a great dry shampoo, I like it very much and I will continue using it.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The ten products makeup challenge!

Hi everyone! In my post about "2013 goals" I told you I wanted to stop buying a lot of makeup and just use what I had.
That's why I'm going to do the 10 products makeup challenge. The 10 products makeup challenge is quite a known challenge, because a lot of beauty addicted people try it.
Basically you just try to empty 10 products before you buy anything else.

The first product is the L'oréal Youth Code Luminizer. I got it in one of my Deauty boxes and I use this on a daily basis.

Now call me crazy but I'm going to count each of the eyeshadows as one. So I have four items here. The reason why I choose to do this is because I only have a few single eyeshadows, but they're all quite bright or not school or work appropriate. So that's why I decided to go for a neutral palette.

This blush by Catrice, called "Apricot Smoothie" is one that I got from my best friend. Again, this is a product that I use on a daily basis and I love it very much, so it just had to be in the challenge.

Another product that I've been using for quite a while, and I still use it on a daily basis: the L'oréal True Match Foundation. I have the colour "Rose Beige".

Again, another daily used product, my L'oréal Black Smoke Volume mascara. I got this in a Deauty box as well.

The next thing that I'm going to empty before getting anything else is my gel eyeliner! I use the Essence "Midnight in Paris" gel eyeliner.
And another Deauty box product.... This is Kiehl's lipbalm. Love it! I loved it too much to use it at first, but why not use it when you need it? I mean, I could always get another one!
I'm very curious if I'll be able to hold on and actually finish this challenge. I think I'll be very proud if I do and I might go shopping after the last drop of my last product!
Wish me luck!