Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekly Diary

Happy Sunday you guys! How are you doing?
Today I'm going to give you a little overview of my week. It was a bit of a relaxed week. Friday I went to see a play with actors that I used to watch on TV every week when I was younger. It was quite nice, actually. Also it started snowing - again. But of course there was more to this week than just the play and the snow!

I finished two products for my challenge! Yay! I know I still have eight more to go, but oh well. The day that I finish the challenge successfully is coming closer!


I'm helping out a friend of mine. She's doing a project about Marilyn Monroe and asked me for some information. Perfect way for a  Marilyn fan to spend her Saturday evening, if you ask me!

I've been loving these "memes", I think they're so funny. My best friend and I both have a pretty nice collection of these kind of pictures on our phone.

Like I said, it has been freezing and snowing for a while now. I took my camera with me on Monday when I went to school by foot, but the pictures turned out to be.... unclear. Anyways I wanted to show them.

Oh, I also found this picture of Christina Aguilera with red hair. God, I think it's so beautiful! I love her "Candyman" video. I've also been liking "Thinking of you" by Katy Perry a lot. Probably my two favourite songs ever!


  1. I'm also a M.M fan:) and that Candyman video is great! perfect pin up look:)

  2. Like "memes", so funny! Happy Sunday!

  3. I also love Marylin Monroe, she was so beautiful!
    Woahhh you've got loads of snow, we've only got a tiny bit in Essex so far. :(
    Lovely blog you got here :)


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