Thursday, January 4, 2018

Travel Diary: Lisbon part #6

Goodmorning everyone! 
For the last time, I'm taking you with me to Lisbon. The very last day of my trip I went to Belem. This is not so far away from the citycenter of Lisbon if you go by car or train. Belem is very well known for their pastries, as you will see in a little bit.

It's also the place where you can discover the most about the Portugese explorers and see the Portugese presidential house - which is pink!

One of the first things we went to visit was the place where they make the Pasteis de Belem. People wait in front of the stores to get in all through the day. You can not only buy a couple of pastries if you'd like, you can also see how they are made. Nobody knows the full recipe, everyone knows a little bit and they do thesame job every single day - so they can never figure out the recipe and go to the competition.

So yummy!

Wouldn't you think you're in San Fransisco?

The tower of Belem! So gorgeous! It's completely surrounded by water and there were so many fun details and stories!

One of them is of an elephant. Portugese people loved elephants because they thought they were really big, great, strong animals.
One day, the Portugese explorers got a rhinoceros as a gift. All of Portugal, even the rest of the world, had never seen anything like it.
 What were they going to do with it? Not slay it to eat, first, they were going to let it fight. 
They put the two animals in front of each other and as soon as the rhino started walking, the elephant ran off - after that, they didn't like the elephant as much anymore.

This trip was lovely - it really was a unique experience going away on my own (very scary but turned out to be a- okay!) 
This is the end of my Lisbon Travel Diaries.
I hope you enjoyed sharing this experience with me! 

See you soon!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2017 RECAP!

Goodmorning! Happy 2018!
I won't be doing New Year's resolutions but I will take you back through last year and share how my 2017 went! 

I turned 21 this year!

2017 was really the year of changes for me. It is the year that I started working. I worked at H&M for a while (which is so addictive if you like clothes, I spent so much of my salary on the clothes - ugh) but then I got another offer that I really couldn't refuse.

Last year I got into a relationship as well and things actually went so well that I also moved in with my boyfriend in that year.
This was so much fun, it was such a great adventure! We decorated the whole place ourselves, and found the style that we like for our place together. 

2017 has also been the year of travel. Most of the holidays I've been on has been with my partner and most of them weren't as far away - but that doesn't mean they weren't fun! 
We went to Paris, to Paris again for Disneyland, London and Malaga! 
When we have two (or sometimes three) days off in a week, we like to hop on a plane or a bus and go on a citytrip!


I also traveled solo for the very, very first time! I went to Portugal alone - not because I wanted to but because my boyfriend couldn't get off from work and I didn't want to spend my holidays on the couch, so I packed up my stuff and got on a plane. I thought I would have so much anxiety and would hate every single day but to be fair... I enjoyed it. Sure there were times where I panicked a bit but it is quite the experience, being all by yourself in a place you don't really know for six days.
I got to do a lot of thinking and discovering, very refreshing!

Another thing I love about this year is that I have started to make enough money to splurge on make-up a little bit. I also have a boyfriend who happens to know quite a bit about some make-up brands (he knows which brands I like at Sephora and he knows Fenty Beauty is Rihanna's make-up brand) so this has been really exciting. I've become more active on social media and I'm very hopeful for what's to come!

Even though not everything can always be nice and cute, I hope the biggest part of 2017 was good for you! 
Let me know, thanks for reading!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy 2018!

Hi! If you're reading this at an early hour, I'm going to be too early and if you're only reading this the next day, I might be a little late.

I'm just online to wish you a very happy New Year! 
I can't wait for what 2018 has in store for me and I hope you feel thesame way. I hope you have a lot of projects coming up that will make you grow as a person and will boost your personality.

Dance the night away, kiss the person you love and don't forget to come back in 2018!
Have a good one!

Friday, December 29, 2017

Travel Diary: Lisbon part #5

Hi everyone! This is my second to last post about Lisbon! I'm taking you on my foodie tour as well as to the Carmo Convent. It's right in the center of Lisbon, not far away from Bairro Alto (the neighbourhood with loads of bars and restaurants) and it's gorgeous! 

I started my day by having some tapas! I ate prawns in garlic (which a friend recommended to have) and a white sangria. After I filled my tummy, I started walking and ended up at the Carmo Convent. This convent has been partially destroyed and was never rebuilt. It's quite impressive to see and I can only imagine what it must have looked like before the earthquake.

The inside of the convent is not that big but there are loads of things to see. There were even a couple of mummies!

After visiting the Carmo Convent, I went out for food with a local girl I met at the Hard Rock Café! We went for sushi and on the way there, the mall was beautifully lit up - too pretty not to take a picture!

That night I had the most amazing sushi I have ever had in my life - I never thought I'd have to go to Portugal for that, hah!
We had sushi with kiwi, marshmellows and even strawberries! What an experience!

I had a blast that night and made some new friends!

I'll see you soon for the last part of my Travel Diaries! 
Keep safe!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

OOTD: All yellow, out with my fellow

I have always thought it was a strange thing that people get close around Christmas, only to ignore each other for the rest of the year. 

My boyfriend and I try to go out on a date night at least once a week. It's our way of reconnecting, especially if we haven't had time to really make time for each other the rest of the week. We both work a lot, both have our hobbies an both have friends that we like to keep in contact with - and sometimes that's a lot!

We always take a walk to some restaurant that we've always wanted to try (or we go to thesame one twice in a row) and try to avoid our phones the whole night to talk to each other - which isn't easy when you have the most beautiful dessert in the world standing in front of you!
It's a rule we made when we first started dating because I didn't want stop going out together and forget about all the fun experiences we've had. I didn't want us to just stay home and sit in front of the TV, sharing nothing but an interest in the series we're watching.

While walking to restaurants all around Bruges, we often find really nice places that even we - as locals - forget about or haven't even discovered yet.

Last week we had a pancake date (I know, I'm an old lady on the inside) and walking up this bridge I just had to have a picture.
This outfit is something I wouldn't typically wear during the winter time but well, what do you know, I was in a good mood.

My leather skirt as well as the shirt that I'm wearing come from a store called "Shop One". I got these items in Portugal because I didn't know the brand yet but they had really cute things. Wouldn't want to miss out on that!
My purse, tights and boots are by H&M.

Thanks for reading! Happy Wednesday!