Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January favies!

As you all know, if you have read my blog recently, I won't be updating on Thursday and Friday because I'm leaving for a trip with school.
That's why, even though the month hasn't ended yet, I'm going to do a January favies post!

I've been loving a lot of hair products, I've been trying out quite a few as well... When you decide to dye your hair in a red colour, you should always know that from now on you kind of have a second job.
In the picture you see two Pantene products. The red one on the left is "Red Expressions conditioner" and the white one above it is a color & protect shampoo.

Another product that I've tried is Dove hair therapy color care conditioner. It should make your hair look shiny and nice for a long time. I love how this smells. Not too much, not like an old lady either.
The Pantene products smell a bit similar, by the way!

On the right side you see another hairproduct. This is the Schwarzkopf professional hair therapy color freeze shampoo. I got this for free when I went to get my hair done this weekend. It should keep the red vibrant and nice looking. I love the smell of it and you don't need a lot at all!

A new product that I've been liking a lot is the Garnier Pure Active tinted spot roll on concealer. It was really popular but I never got it because it was quite expensive. However, I looked for it everywhere and I was able to get it for nearly nothing.

Then my Kiehl's lipbalm is another favourite. It has been a really cold, annoying, painful-lip month so this really helped me out a lot. Thank god for this product, I swear.
I've also been loving my local drugstore's eyeslash curler and I re-discovered the FM makeup palette that I blogged about earlier.
And of course, like every month, my Apricot Smoothie blush by Catrice is a favourite once again!

What products have you been liking this month?


  1. I've tried some of them, but now I'm using some by Garnier.


  2. love it :D


    A chic kiss ;)

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