Saturday, December 23, 2017

One year of happiness!

Although we don't have anything like Thanksgiving in Belgium, the Christmas time is the ideal time to spend with family and to think of everyone who has changed your life.
Because I like to write about lifestyle too, every once in a while, I thought I'd do a nice post on the person that has been the biggest influence in my life since last year.

I remember when Baptiste and I first got together. I never wanted to share much on my blog because I know some people might not be looking on here with the right intentions - and I just wanted to keep it my intimate, cosy place to go. I didn't want to put my whole relationship on the Internet. Especially not in the first months because, what if we broke up after a couple of months?
I just really wasn't feeling it and although I didn't keep it a secret on my personal Facebook (the relationship status has never been changed faster), I did not talk about it on my blog.

One year later, both of us are convinced we are going the right way and it's nice not to hide him from the blog.
I do like to include him because you guys deserve to know what's going on. The friends that are reading this, as well as the people from the other side of the world who support me by reading my every post, deserve this.

We started out as two co-workers. I worked on the day shift in a bar to be able to pay for college and Baptiste worked the night shifts. I spoke to him once while going out in that bar, to ask him if I could put my coat in the back (because I was dayshift staff but he probably didn't know this), and that was it.

But then, one year ago on a rainy December night, my friend and I decided we would go out - and we would go all out (if you know what I mean). We dressed up, did our hair, did our make-up and just went to a bar. My friend and I went there often but I had never seen Baptiste there before. That night I went over to say 'hello' because I thought it'd be the polite thing to do (and I was feeling hella sexy) and in the following weeks I started to see him appear in the bar more and more. He usually had one or another lame excuse when I asked him what he was doing or who he was meeting in the bar. Turns out he lived just around the corner and took a different route home - just so he could pass by the bar to see if I was there.

We started casually texting and even went out twice before we were together. I slept over a couple of times and there it was. I just couldn't deny that I felt... safe.
I didn't feel pressure to pretend like I was better or more popular than I actually was. I didn't feel like I would get judged. For the first time I didn't feel like a guy just talked to me because he needed something from me. He didn't buy a drink so I would go home with him. He would compliment me just to see me take off my clothes (which is rare).
I felt at peace. It's was so weird because I wanted him to think I was perfect, but I wasn't going to lie for it and I knew he wasn't going to think differently about me when he found out what my flaws were. 

From then on things went pretty quickly. One morning I was trying to sneak out when I bumped into his mom and we actually spent a couple of hours talking (little did I know he already told her about me).
Ever since that day, we have been inseperable. We started to travel together: Londen, Paris, Disneyland, Malaga - and aside from my trip to Portugal (where I slept alone for six nights), we've never slept apart that long.
We moved in together pretty quickly and made it against all odds. They say the Ikea trip and the moving in are the biggest tests, but it just all went so smooth, I couldn't believe it.

Sometimes I still sit in the couch next to him and stare at him. He'll always ask me what's going on and I'll whisper "are you real?".
Aside from a lover, I have found myself a best friend, someone to rely on and the biggest fan I could wish for. He'll listen to me ramble about the reviews I still have to write, he'll come check up on the look that I'm doing that day (blend more!) and he'll stop me in the streets because "this is a nice place to take outfit pictures".

I have been blessed with more than I could ever wish for. A safe haven and a solid rock - and although things aren't always great, I know I'll always have a home with him.

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