Tuesday, February 5, 2013

January empties

I have emptied quite a few products last month. A few makeup/beauty products as well, which is always good because that means my challenge will end soon and I'll get to buy new products.
I have finished a lot of my daily products and I noticed I didn't have a back up so now I'm here without my essentials, which is a pity. Anyways, here is an overview of the products I've emptied last month.

Two jars of makeup removal pads. It's not like I wear so much makeup that I need a lot of removal pads to take off my makeup at night, it's just that I started both my jars at thesame time so I had no control over when I was going to run out of my pads. And of course, just when you need them the most, you realize you have finished both jars at thesame time. Yup, that's what happened to me.

I have finished two foundations; my drugstore foundation which was a replacement for the foundation I originally used: "L'Oréal True Match" foundation.
I also finished a lip balm by Sence. I had been using this one a lot, the wintertime hasn't exactly been good for my lips. I loved this lipbalm!

Last I also finished three products that I recieved in my "Deauty box". The products were a biotherm Blue Therapy Serum, the L'Oréal Youth Code Luminizer and the bee nature shower milk.
I was very happy about the first and the last product, but the youth code luminizer wasn't really my thing. I didn't notice any difference so....

Those were the products I emptied this month!


  1. i don't know any of this products... xoxo


  2. I have a well overdue empties post I'm yet to finish lol! Great products. :)



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