Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Favies!

Hey guys! 
I showed you my February empties yesterday and today I'm going to show you my February favourties. My favourites depend from month to month but every once in a while I have a great product that is more often in my favourite posts.
  I think quite a few of the products that I'm going to show today, have been in other favourite posts as well! 


Okay so here are all the products that I have as favourites. I'm going to go through them really quick.
I have my Catrice All Round concealer palette, which I absolutely love for more than one reason. If you can get your hands on it, please do. First of all it's very cheap, you get five different colours and they work great! As you can see, the two colours on the right are gone already.

Next I have the "FIT me" foundation by Maybelline which is a new item. I don't like it as much when I just had an acne breakout because I find that my skin is hard to cover up then, but it's great when I have "good skin days".
Under it is my lipgloss. I have been sick this month and when you're trying to fake being healthy, it's great to use lipgloss (click here for all my tips and tricks when it comes to faking being healthy). This lipgloss is by Catrice and it's called "Nymph's Glow". Gorgeous peachy pink lipgloss.

Next I have my Paris Memories makeup palette in "Shade 29" (click here for my eye of the day).
I have also been loving my FM makeup palette (click here for a post on my FM palette). These palettes are easy to use, the quality of both palettes is great and I just totally love them. 

The other products that I have laying next to my palettes are my nail hardner by Miss Sporty (life saver!) and my lipbalm by Yves Rocher. I have been using this one a lot since February was a very very cold month and I really needed to take good care of my painful, dry lips.

You can also see my Fantasia highlighter by Essence, which -unfortunately- broke. I have a vanity with a few drawers and somewhere in December or January I pulled my drawer a bit too hard and everything fell out. This beauty was in it so it broke.
It's a shame, really, it was really beautiful (click here to see how it used to look), anyways, I'm not going to throw it away.

And last but not least I have my Catrice eyebrow pencil which I'm very happy with because I hate my eyebrows and now I can "touch them up" and draw them on if I want to!

Are there any products you loved lately? 
Have a good evening!


  1. Useful post like always!

  2. I Loveeeee Maybelline foundations. I'm a dream matte mouse girl myself though at the moment.

    Kerys -xo

  3. Maybelline foundation is ahhhhmazing!!


  4. Great faves. I really want a concealer palette:)

    Sara x


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