Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Trending: Winged eyeliner + step by step photo tutorial

Hi everyone!
I don't know if you have heard it, but one of the spring/summer trends when it comes to beauty is winged eyeliner. 


Winged eyeliner is a part of my signature look and I always get lots of questions about it, so today I'm going to show you how you can do winged eyeliner. To help you, I've made a photo tutorial. To do this I have used my black gel eyeliner by Essence called "Midnight in Paris" and a small eyeliner brush. You can use pencil liner or liquid liner to do this as well (but gel eyeliner is a bit easier)!

The size of the wing and the thickness of your eyeliner is totally up to you. I like to change it up from time to time, sometimes I'll only have a thin line and sometimes I'll have a pretty big wing.

This is my eye without anything on it. 

The first thing I'm doing is to draw on a "normal" line. You can pull your eye for this step if that makes it any easier for you. I like to start in the middle and line the outer half first. Then I go back and line the inner part as well. (You can see this in the next picture as well).

To make the wing, you basically just need to follow the line of your lower lashline.

Draw the line and then connect it to the end of the lower lashline. Now you have the two lines that make your wing: one connected to the line you made on your upper lashline and one connected to your lower lashline. You can always go over it to make it look more smooth. Fill in the parts that aren't black (enough) yet.
In case you go wrong, just take a Q tip with makeup remover on it so that you can wipe the eyeliner off. You can also just use the Q tip to make the edges of your eyeliner sharper.

And that's it! You're done! It's not as hard as it seems, after trying a few times you'll be able to do it pretty quickly! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial! 

Have a good day! 


  1. This tutorial is so useful. It's not easy for me to apply eyeliner. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Wonderful post. I wear winged liner pretty much everyday and it took a really long time to master it:) xx

  3. It´s simple but great. Really good ideas!

  4. Love this make up for eyes!

    Lots of kisses :D
    The Spotted Cherry Pie

  5. Definitely going to try this, the eyeliner is gorgeous

    A little bit Unique


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  6. Looks so easy! Still I mess up when tryin' it out ;)
    Looks very good on you :)

  7. very helpful! you have beautiful eyes! :*


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