Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Products I regret buying!

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to write about some products I regret buying. So far, I haven't really had many products that I 'hate', which is good. I love most of the products in my stash. But well, when getting new products to try them out or to review them, you can accidentally get products that aren't as good as you hoped.
Today I'm going to write about these products. So far, I only have five products I regret buying, and they weren't all expensive, so that's good.

The first product is a BB cream by Biocura, I got it in the colour "Sand" because it was the lightest colour. Still, it's way to dark. It's also quite difficult to blend in, I end up having brown/orange stains on my face, which isn't very nice.

Next I have a lipbalm by Sence (it's the pink lipbalm in the middle of the picture). I have two other lip balms by Sence and I enjoy using them, it's just that this one has a lot of glitters in it and it's so shimmery that my teeth look extremely yellow when I wear the balm. You can also have this problem with barbie pink lipsticks (unless you bleech your teeth, which I don't because I'm too young and it's too expensive).

The other pink lip product you can see in the pictures is by MAX, which is a product that you can both use for your lips and eyes. So it's a lipstick and an eyeshadow pencil. It's in a pastel pink colour. I think it's way too sticky for the eyes, it makes them look oily, and it's not really a colour that I like on my lips.

I have one other lip product in this post, it's a lipstick by Hema, which is a pretty popular shop here in Belgium and Holland (basically it sells stuff for school, clothes, makeup, baby stuff, home decoration and all of that stuff...)
I got it because I wanted a lipstick that would be wearable for everyday but I noticed it made my lips very dry. Also, after using it for a while, it also started looking (and feeling) very grainy. Not just on top, but on the sides as well. Pity! Now my Kate Moss by Rimmel London lipstick is the one that I wear on a daily basis. A lot less nude but at least it's good quality.

The last thing is a hair oil, I got it in one of my "Deauty" boxes (which I'm not subscribed to anymore now). I don't think there's anything wrong with the product, I just really hate hair oils because it makes my hair feel greasy and heavy and yuck.
It's not because of the product itself but I know I'm never going to use this, so I do regret buying this. Or in my case, getting it in that beauty box, but well... You can't pick what you get.

Do you have any products that you regret buying?

Have a good day!


  1. Nice products, there are many products I regret buying, because I don't use so much them!

  2. Thanks for sharing, it's useful to know it.


  3. Thanks for sharing, I will steer clear!!


  4. Love this post great idea so different :)


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