Sunday, February 10, 2013

1 day, 5 scents!

Hi everyone!
This morning I got up early to test five perfumes. I got a box with 20 scents in it and today I'm going to review the five scents that are in the "floral-fruity-sensual" category. All of the perfumes are by LR.


The first scent I tried was "Santorini". When I sprayed it, I knew that this scent smelled very familiar. It reminded me of that smell when you open a bubble blower. A bit soapy, I guess. Not my favourite smell...

The second one I tried was called "Beauty Queen", I did like this one. It's not a girly scent, I can imagine adult women wearing it. Also I didn't think it smelled very fruity, but it didn't smell horrible. I can live with this.

"The collection -01- Eau de style" is the third perfume I tried. I did like this one very much, it's fresh, fruity and youthful.

The next scent might be a bit overwelming to a few of you, but again, I liked it. It's called "Heart and Soul". It's very very sweet and fruity (I was so surprised by the scent that it almost made me sneeze). This scent is very girly and fresh, it's fun! I think this is a fun scent for spring!

"Pseudonym" is one of my favourites as well. I can see both teenage girls and adult women wearing this. It's fruity and girly but not too overwelming. Classy.


  1. sooo many perfumes! fruity floral scents are my fave :)

  2. Oh i wanna try it) Looks so good!


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