Wednesday, January 7, 2015

How to wear a statement necklace ♥

As you might now, I've been loving statement necklaces lately. Statement necklaces really were a huge fashion trend in 2014 and I fell in love with it.
I got myself a bunch of statement necklaces since they started trending and I'm still expanding my collection.
Today I have a few tips on how you can wear statement necklaces!

Little black dresses are a basic, they should be in every woman's closet. They always say: "If you don't know what to wear, wear a little black dress."
I used to think that was stupid, but over the years, I've come to realise how true it actually is. I have many little black dresses now and I wear all of them quite often! 

I love wearing statement necklaces when I'm wearing a little black dress. A statement necklace can make your whole outfit. With little black dresses, I usually pick a statement necklace that's a bit more colourful.
Of course you can also wear a colourful dress and still pair it with a statement necklace! (I have this beautiful orange dress and I love to wear my teal necklace with it).

I also love a statement necklace with jumpsuits. I don't own a jumpsuit, but they can look so classy (and it might not even take a lot of time to look like that!). A royal blue jumpsuit with a beautiful silver or gold statement necklace, maybe a blazer and a pair of heels and you're ready to go!
Statement necklaces also work on shirts (even when it's paired with a blazer), but I think they should be plain. Maybe an ombré shirt would be fun, stripes are okay and it also looks cute with lace, but the shirt shouldn't be too overwelming, because it might look messy. If you feel like a certain outfit looks good with a statement necklace even though it's covered in patters, by all means. This is just how I like to wear my statement necklaces. 


And I also always like to make sure that the colours in my statement necklaces are colours that are also in the rest of my outfit - I like it matchy matchy. 
Some people do, some people don't. My advice is just to go for what you like, what makes you feel good.


I hope you thought this post was useful! If you have more tips, please share them in the comment section below, I'd love to hear how you all wear your statement necklaces!

Have a good day!


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