Thursday, January 8, 2015

My study tips for college!

Happy Thursday everyone!
When you're reading this, I'm in school, taking my English exam. It's the first exam and it's the first time that I have exams in college. 
I'm not used to college yet and I was struggling a little bit with how to study, because I had no idea if the old method from high school would work. I know they say that you should find out for yourself, but I don't have it completely figured out. I think I'm doing alright though!

These last 2 weeks have given me some time study - of course - but also to think. What are the things that I should keep in mind? What advice would I give to readers who are going in to college? What am I experiencing?
Here are my study tips for college!
I know my advice is a little late, because obviously, I'm taking my exams right now, but at least I think I have it all figured out for the next time I have exams!

1. Start on time 

I know everyone says this but it's true. Start on time. If you start on time, you'll know what you've seen in class. You'll know what is difficult for you and what is not.
If you just open your books every Tuesday and Wednesday, and highlight what you think is important or take notes, that'll help you by the time the Christmas break comes around. Because you'll already have notes, you'll save yourself time.

2. Plan 

If you're in college, you have to plan. Make sure you get your work done. It doesn't mean you need to repeat the whole semester every night, but if you do a few bits and pieces every once in a while, you'll go a long way. Also, making to do lists really help because you can see what you have left to do and what you have done already. That can be really motivating. I used to hate to do lists but at the end of the day I was either grumpy because it was late and I still had to do my tasks, or I would just forget to do them and regret it later. Planning is half the work you guys! 

3. Repeat often 

If you started in time and revised a little bit, that's really good, but you have to repeat. Just because you took notes on the first chapter doesn't mean you'll remember it in December so try to repeat every chapter a couple of times before the exams are here.

4. Flashcards

Flashcards are you friends! Well, they are mine. Okay, you have to put some work in it to make them, but for me, it is the best way to learn. It helps me to learn fast and I can see what I still have to learn. I make a pile with "I know this" and a pile with "still to learn". It feels so good when every flashcard is in the "I know this" pile.

5. Study away from distractions

During exams, or even if you are just preparing for them during the year, you need to study away from distractions. You can read a textbook for two hours with music in the background, and don't know what it's about after you've finished the whole book. That's a real waste of time!  It's super important to know what you're learning, what you're talking about.
Don't worry about how fast you are going. So what if you go a little bit slower, if you understand it. It's no use to study fast and don't remember what you've learned later!

Thanks for reading!

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