Sunday, January 11, 2015

Weekly Diary

Hi everyone! How have you been?
I am in the middle of exams, so I'm a bit stressed, but I'm okay!

It's the first time that I'm taking my exams in college and I'm nervous, but I have a good feeling about it!
My humour also goes to a whole new level during the exams. I got laughed at by strangers on the bus because I was telling my friends that I only sent them ugly pictures and if I'd go missing, they would never find me because they wouldn't know how I looked for real!

This made me giggle! 

Can we talk about Paris?
I am so shocked and disgusted, really. As a blogger and a writer, I can't do anything else than support "Je Suis Charlie". I think all this violence is absolutely not necessary. 
And of course it's just a bunch of people who make the whole Muslim community look like criminals. I wish this terrorism would stop already. 
2015 has been nothing but bad news, are we going back to uncivilized times?

During the weekend, I decided to put up some pin-up/vintage pictures to keep me inspired. They're right by my bed and I like to look at them. All these pictures are authentic and I am just amazed by the elegance and beauty in every single picture!

And earlier this week, I found some time to go back home to my parents. I like to go home. I normally stay in my studio to study because it's nice and quiet out here, but sometimes I do need a little human contact. I had a good night, played with our cats, had a really good meal and I finally convinced my dad to take a selfie with me!
He's amazing, I love him! I hope you all have a dad like mine!


Have a nice Sunday!
Good luck to those who are in exams, just like me and thanks for reading!

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  1. good luck with exams! I remember well how stressful that can be...

    Lovely photos...and you and your dad look so cute!

    I'm also often amazed by vintage much class and grace! so inspiring to look at them!


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