Monday, January 12, 2015

EOTD: A whole lotta rain!

Today I was inspired by the weather! It was a dark and extremely rainy day. I decided I wouldn't let the weather get me down and I used it as inspiration for my eye make-up!


This look is a look with blue eyeshadow colours, silver and black. As always, I started by using a primer. The eyeshadow primer that I like to use is "I ♥ Stage eyeshadow base"

After that, I used a light silver colour as transition colour in my crease. Then I used one of my favourite MAC eyeshadows, called "Deep Truth" in my crease and I applied some black eyeshadow from my "Nude Tude" palette by The Balm in my outer corner.

The only thing left to do next is to apply a lid colour. I used a frost blue eyeshadow for that, I think it's so, so beautiful!

After that I applied a really thin line of eyeliner: black liquid eyeliner on the top bottom and white pencil eyeliner on my lower waterline. The finishing touch with mascara and done!
This is the finished look! Let me know what you think! 

Have a good day!


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