Friday, March 1, 2013

BOOKREVIEW: "Damaged" by Alex Kava

Hey guys!
Today I have a bookreview for you, it's been quite a while but I finally got around to reading my book! I’m reviewing an Alex Kava book today, it’s called “Damaged”. I have read one of her books before and I liked it so I had really high expectations for this book.
This is how the book looks:

I think the cover looks good but I’m not blown away by it, it does have something to do with the theme of the book.

On the back there’s written; “What’s fear, chaos, death and loss to most people, is morbid chance for others….” Oh, do I have to mention this is a thriller?

The story is set on the Gulf of Mexico. Just before a hurricane is about to strike,  the Coast Guard finds a fish tank full of carefully packed body parts.
FBI Agent Maggie O’Dell investigates the case and discovers that one of the body parts belongs to a man who disappeared during the last hurricane. It is also remarkable that the man lived thousands of miles away. What happened, how did a part of his body end up in there?

The book itself was good but I did not really “wow”. The storyline was nice and beautifully written but I do like surprises, things that happen in a book which really “shock” you. And I didn’t have it in this book. I actually knew immediately who the bad guy was, which wasn’t really nice because I still had a hundred pages to read at that time. I also had many questions at the end, things that had been mentioned before but that weren’t mentioned later on in the book, which is a pity because I’m always thinking about the details and I wanted to know what it turned out to be in the end. Also I think the summery in the back says a little bit too much about the story. You can already guess what’s going to happen.

So it was a good book, but my least favourite one from her so far, just because I knew how it would end long before it ended. 


  1. I've never read it. Thanks for the review.


  2. haha wtf ofcourse the bookcover has something to do with the book , hurricane --> palmtrees that are blown away...... and gurl , It's fashion week right now , then why do you keep on blogging about make-up make-up make-up ... oh yeah and books

    1. Hi. Well I don't blog about fashion week because I don't want to blog about it, it's simple as that.
      This is still my blog and I get to choose what I write about. If you don't like it, then don't visit this blog.

      Thanks, bye.


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