Wednesday, March 13, 2013

OOTD: Back to December!

Hi guys!
Not only is Taylor Swift's song "Back to December" a song that easily gets stuck in my head, it's also how I've been feeling these last two days, now that it has been snowing again.
Today I'm going to show you a super basic but very comfortable winter outfit that I wore these past two days.
Again, I didn't take it outside because my sister's frozen fingers would probably just drop the camera. Better safe than sorry!

I have a really bad hair day (don't even want to talk about it) so I just cut my head off a couple of the pictures. No really guys, you would've laughed at me!

The "sweater I'm wearing" is actually a dress, it's just very very tiny and I think it was a bit too short to wear as a dress. I mean, come on?!
So I just wore it with pants, a cardigan and boots.
Not the best outfit, more like casual but then again I didn't want to risk slipping with heels or anything.
Second time I'm saying this in my post so it must be true: better safe than sorry! I hope it clears up soon so I can go and take pictures outside for you guys!

Have a lovely afternoon, enjoy your Wednesday!

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