Friday, March 15, 2013

Miss Sporty lipsticks

Hello you guys!
I hope you're all having a lovely evening tonight, the weekend is starting so enjoy it!
Today I'm showing you two lipsticks by Miss Sporty. This brand can be compared to Essence and Catrice.
 I got the lipsticks quite some time ago but never reviewed them. So I thought I'd do it today, since these are the perfect colours for - upcoming - spring!

I got two colours; a pink one and a nude one. The pink one is called "Pink Champagne" and the nude one is called "Strip-tease". I love it when lipsticks or other makeup/beauty products have a cute name so these names totally made my day.


The lipsticks are quite neutral. They're also a bit shimmery, which is nice, but it can be tricky as well because lipsticks that are too shimmery can make your teeth look really yellow. That's why I always apply a gloss over these lipsticks.

Here are the swatches, this is just one whipe, of course you can build up the intensity! I think these lipsticks are good quality and I like them for everyday. Also they weren't expensive at all so I'd say these lipsticks are good budgetproof products with nice quality!


  1. Im always gonna love a bold lip but Ive been really enjoying softer shades like these lately. Very pretty xx

  2. love these shades--plus they're affordable!


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