Saturday, March 30, 2013

Essence Beauty Haul!

Hello you guys,
yesterday after getting my report card I decided to go shopping. I had hit pan on a boat load of stuff and even after finishing my makeup challenge I didn't get anything new, so I thought my good result was a nice excuse to get some new makeup.

There were a lot of things that I wanted but that I didn't buy, such as the smokey eye set from Catrice, the nude palette (which wasn't available uhg! I want it so badly!) and another lipstick from Kate Moss by Rimmel London, but I decided not to overreact and just get the items I wanted/needed the most.
Back in the car, I realized all the products I got were by Essence - well I have to admit, they had really nice stuff! You might have seen these items on other blogs already because I'm pretty late with these items and collections, but hey, better late than never!


So here are all the items that I got; an Essence eyebrow kit, a liquid eyeliner (really needed a new one!), a matte red lipgloss called "Silky Red", two Essence 3D eyeshadows and a blush.
The 3D eyeshadows are absolutely gorgeous, they're called "Irresitible Vanilla latte" (the eyeshadow on the left) and "Irresistible chocolates" (the eyeshadow on the right).

And then there's my last - and probably favourite item- a blush from the "Vintage District" collection. It's called "It's popul-art" and it's probably the most beautiful blush I have ever seen!
The design is really really nice but also the colours are amazing. I know the gold is just an overspray, so after using it for a couple of times the gold will be gone but still.... How could anyone ever say no to something like this?

I'm absolutely in love with my new items and I'm verry happy I got them! I will be reviewing all of these items seperately for you (other wise my post is going to be too long)!
Have you tried any of these products?

Have a nice day!

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  1. I like essence. These days I must write new post about my new make up.

    I like your blog, I m following you now :).


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