Thursday, March 28, 2013

Essence Fruity Eyeshadow Sorbet review

In spring and summer I love wearing bright coloured makeup but some days I also like to keep my face pretty calm and neutral. Some days I just really don't want to spend too much time on it.
A little while ago my friend got my an Essence fruity eyeshadow sorbet in a nice peachy, shimmery colour. Perfect for those 'easy makeup days' in spring and summer! I don't know how much it cost because my friend got it for me but I'm pretty sure it's budget proof as well! 

The packaging is adorable, the lid of this little jar has about thesame colour as the product in it, this just screams 'spring'!

Here's a swatch of the eyeshadow sorbet, it's easy to apply and the colour is buildable.
I did notice that it can be hard to apply this colour equally all over the lid. Usually the colour looks a little bit brighter on the inside of my eye, and you can see the 'strokes' where you have applied it and that just bothers me a little bit. When I apply something, I want it to look equal all over my lid.

I sometimes use this as a base and then apply another colour eyeshadow over it, you can go so many different way with it!
If I could choose I would probably go for a Maybelline color tattoo next time, but that isn't as budgetproof. You don't have the strokes with that though!


  1. Cute!!


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