Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Makeup dupes!

A lot of times in beautyworld, when a palette is extremely popular, all of a sudden eyeshadows and other palettes, great "dupes" of the original one pop up so that people who can't afford the original, can afford the other colours.
Not only expensive palettes can have great dupes, I also have a lot of colours that can actually be seen as dupes!

A little while ago I was going through my stash and I noticed I had three pink colours that all looked thesame. All from a different brand, but all very very similar! Today I'm going to show them to you!

The first colour I have comes from my Catrice palette called "Twinkle in the eye", I got it a few weeks before Catrice took that palette out of the shelves. It holds one baby pink colour, a baby blue colour and two different brown colours.

The next baby pink eyeshadow I own is from Essence, it's from the Fantasia collection and it's called "Have you seen my unicorn?"

And then I have a pigment by Teeez Cosmetics, called "Smooth". This is actually the first baby pink colour I ever got (I don't have a picture of the jar since my camera batteries are totally empty haha, I wonder how that happened!)
I ended up liking it and wanting a baby pink eyeshadow as well, which is why I got "Have you seen my unicorn". It's remarkable that I never really paid attention to the pink colour in my Catrice palette, I actually didn't get it for the pink, but for the blue and brown combination.

So here are the three swatches, you'll have to excuse me for the quality. I like to take pictures with natural light because that way you can see how it really looks. But the natural lighting hasn't been that good and it also started snowing really hard again. Ah winter, are we never going to get rid of you?

So on the left of my arm I have the pigment by Teeez Cosmetics (first one I got), next I have the swatch of "Have you seen my unicorn" from Essence and last but not least the swatch from my Catrice "Twinkle in the eye" palette.
Pretty close huh?

I love it when I see things like this because then I can compare (look which one is more pricey and which one is more pigmented).
I love Teeez Cosmetics but it's the most expensive one. I think, if I knew this before, I would have just gone for the "Twinkle in the eye" by Catrice, since this palette was almost thesame amount of money that my Essence eyeshadow was.

Do you know any good dupes? Would you like to see more "dupe posts"?


  1. Seriously great dupes, those swatches actually really reminds me of Benefit's illuminator too!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

    1. Yes Essence has a "Fantasia" highlighter as well and it looks a bit like their eyeshadow 'have you seen my unicorn", from thesame collection! I just didn't want to include it because it's not eyeshadow! x

  2. I know I have come a cross a few Lipstick and Eye shadow dupes but I would have to go though my make-up right now to remember. Great post xx


  3. I love the shades in the quad!!



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