Friday, March 8, 2013

New In: Camera!

Hello you guys!
Today I finally got my new camera and I'm so so excited about it!
The weather is getting worse again and it's dark outside (only 5 pm, like, what?!) so I'm not able to take pictures with the new camera today and to show you how they look, but I will try to do it tomorrow and I might even review the new camera if you're interested (let me know?).

I'm really really excited and happy - even though it was quite expensive - but I hope it'll do a great job in the future and I hope it's a good "investment".
Sorry for the late update by the way, I have been playing around with the camera already!

Have a lovely night!


  1. What kind of camera is it? I have the crappiest piece of crap camera and I am in the market for a new one.

    1. It's by Medion :) pretty cheap but good quality! x


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