Sunday, November 4, 2012

Favourite Fall Palette!

Hey everyone! Happy Sunday!
Every once in a while I like to purchase new make-up, just to try it or because I don't have certain colours yet, you know how it goes. This summer I got two palettes by Essence, I heard great things about these palettes and well, I needed a new palette anyways so...
The two palettes I got were from the "sun club" collection. The first one is called "01 south beach" and the second one is called "02 long beach". I have used the first palette all summer long because there were a lot of great, bright colours in it. I never used the second palette. This is because the second palette holds more neutral colours than the other palette, so I decided to keep it for when fall came. That way I'd have a brand new palette with gorgeous colours. There are a few brighter colours in this palette, but most of them are neutral and could be used on a daily basis. I decided that this fall I wanted to use this palette more.

I'm sorry for the bad lighting. I try to use natural light in every picture I take, but as you might know, you don't have very good lighting in fall.

I think it's going to be a lot of fun to experiment with this palette, especially because there are so many colours that you can create quite a few looks. Also, most of the colours match every skintone so no matter how pale or dark you are, there are always going to be colours in here that look great on you! Another thing that I love is price/quality. You guys probably already know that Essence has very good quality products for a nice, pretty cheap price.
I might upload some pictures of make-up looks later this month!


  1. great palette....beautiful colors...
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    kiss and have an happy start of week

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