Monday, May 20, 2013

Catrice absolute nude eyeshadow palette review

Hello you guys! How are you doing?
 Today I'm reviewing my newest and favourite nude palette.
I got this nude palette from Catrice. I have been searching this palette for a long time - it was very popular and it was always sold out. You can already guess how happy I am that I finally have it. I have been experimenting with it quite a lot lately and I have even found a new "everyday look". Would you like to see a tutorial?

So this is how my palette looks, I think it looks fabulous! It reminds me of the Urban Decay naked palette. It holds six nude colours.

Here are the swatches! The first picture is how the colours look with natural light and the second picture is how they look with flash.

The pigmentation could have been a little bit better. I don't have problems with getting the colours on my eyelid though. Easy to apply and blend, no fall out.

Aside from the remark that the pigmentation could have been a little bit better, I have no other remarks. I do really like this palette. It holds colours for any occasion and any kind of look, love it! I already want to get a second one, just in case I hit pan on one of the colours soon.
I would recommend this palette to everyone who is just starting out with makeup or to girls who just really like the neutral look on their face. This palette is really nice ànd affordable.


  1. VERY UNIQUE EVERYTHING , LOVE those nude shades SWEETIE .


  2. I agree. This palette is very nice.


  3. Nicee colorr, really suitable for everyday look

  4. this reminds me of UD palette <3

  5. Here in Bosnia we didnt have this palette in shops, my friend bought this palette n Germany for my sister. I love it, because this color I use mostly, neutral shadows with black eyeliner and red lipstick :)


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