Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My day in Ypres - part 2

Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday!
Today I'm going to show you some other pictures I took when I was in Ypres. Like I mentioned in my previous post I also went to the Flanders Field museum which was amazing but shoking as well - you get to see a lot of pictures and fragments and read a lot of stuff that's just... It's insane, I don't get how anyone would ever want to start a war like this! 

Then we also went to a few graveyards, I told you that as well. The following pictures are pictures of the graveyard with 11.959 soldiers - it was pretty impressive to see, everywhere you looked there were graves.

Little crosses with poppies saying "In rememberance".
This picture is the only one that's not taken on the graveyard. We went to see some trenches as well. I walked in them, god they were so small! I can't believe I walked somewhere where hundereds of men used to fight (and die) a century ago. It was very interesting!

That's what it was like... If you ever visit Belgium and you have the chance to go to Ypres, please do. There are so many stories out there and so many things that I didn't even get to photograph, it's breathtaking.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll see you tomorrow!
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