Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My day in Ypres!

Yesterday I came home rather late and I told you I would tell you in today's post what I have been up to. Yesterday was not a regular day, we had a school trip to Ypres. If you don't know what Ypres is, I'll explain it really quickly.

Ypres was a very strategic and important place back in 1914, when the war started. A lot of fighting happened there and Ypres has the biggest graveyard for soldiers in the world.
I visited a museum (called Flanders Field, amazing but also creepy) and couple of the graveyards yesterday. One in particular was very big and had 11.959 graves (!).
The world war's have always fascinated me but I have to say that I'm more impressed than ever now. I just really wanted to write about it today and show you the pictures. I know this isn't a beauty or fashion post, but oh well, a bit of lifestyle never hurt anyone.

So this is a picture of the first graveyard we went to. It was pretty small. Most of the people were known and had their name mentioned on the stone.
Here and there there were flowers or rocks on the graves, but this grave in particular recieved a lot of attention. This is because it's the grave of a 15-year old who died during the war. Of course that was illegal but a lot of teenagers used to lie about their age because they were convinced that they would win and that they would come back alive after a war of three months...

In this picture you see a room which was used as nursing room. It was rather small there and hundereds of soldiers used to come there to get some help. I don't know how the nurses did it but I hope they realised what a good job they did taking care of all those people.
In every room and on every graveyard there were poppies as a sign of respect. Poppies were mentioned a lot in "In Flanders Field", a known poem by John McCrae - I guess that's why they came up with the idea of putting poppies everywhere.

I do have many many more pictures but they're uploading kind of slow so I'm probably going to put part 2 up tonight or tomorrow!
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  1. This brings back memories, I also had a school trip here, a very emotional journey I will never forget. xXx


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