Saturday, April 20, 2013

Catrice BB cream review!

Hello everyone! 
Last week, while I was shopping a bit, I decided to take this BB cream by Catrice with me. Catrice is a very known drugstore, budgetproof brand that has really good quality for the money you pay. I have a hard time finding a good BB cream because I'm quite pale and not all brands have very light shades but I need one for the summer so I thought I'd give this one a try. I got the shade "Rosy Beige", which is the second lightest colour. The reason I did this is because I will probably be using this BB cream a lot during summer, and I might get a bit more tan by then.

This is how the tube looks. I like the packaging and I also like how you can dose precisely.

The BB cream promises to be balancing, correcting, protecting, illuminating, covering and moisturizing. I'm not really the type to believe in all the marketing tricks but okay. Covering, correcting and balancing also all means thesame thing. Kind of.
 We'll see how it works!

So this is what the BB cream looks like when it comes out of the tube.
Whenever I put on BB cream, I don't put on moisturizer or anything. Well, Catrice promises that the BB cream is moisturizing so I shouldn't even bother to worry.


And this is what it looks like when I've rubbed it open on my hand. The colour isn't as dark as I expected it to be. The coverage is okay. I do feel like it's hard to apply sometimes. Some BB creams go on very smooth and others don't. This one takes a bit more time and a bit more work. Maybe I should try it with a beauty blender next time?

 Over all I'm pretty happy with the result. Of course I do still need concealer and the "6 in 1" thing wasn't intirely true, but it's not a bad product either. I think this'll be nice to wear in summer.


  1. in love with this post, and your whole entire blog in general.

    lots of love from the casper&pearl girls – a little Aussie fashion brand
    casper&pearl blog

  2. I haven't tried any BB cream yet and I really should. thanks for the review.


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