Monday, April 15, 2013

Essence Floral Grunge mini lipgloss set review!

Hello everyone! As you all know (if you've read the post at least) I went shopping last week and I also got some mini lipglosses from the new Essence collection called "Floral Grunge". I have never tried anything like this before and I was quite excited about it!

I think the packaging looks really cute. It's a colourful pastel box and a little bit of the lipglosses are showing. The box has a magnet in it, so it's really easy to open and close, and the most important thing is that it won't go open in your purse!

The mini lipgloss set is called "Kissing me softly".

So when you open the little box, three little lipglosses appear. I think they are adorable. The first one is just a transparant, glittery one. The second one is a bit of a pale, milky colour and the last one is peach.
Great colours for spring! Nice and fresh!

In this picture I'm wearing the transparant lipgloss with the glitters in it. This is my favourite one, really basic and simple, yet nice to wear.

The next one, the really pale one made me look even more pale then I already was. This one is my least favourite, just because it really doesn't look good on me. I wish it did though.

Next is the peach colour. I do really like this one as well. Peach suits me better than pink and I just think it looks good! 

The good thing about this lipgloss set is that it's not a big waste if you don't like one of the colours. Like I said, I like the second colour least but that's okay because it's just a tiny tiny lipgloss and it wasn't expensive!

In general I think this mini lipgloss set is great and I'm really glad with it!


  1. I love the peachy colour, I think thats really pretty!

  2. Very pretty, esp the peach shade. Havent seen these yet:) xx


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