Monday, April 22, 2013

Catrice eyebrow set review

Hi everyone!
Today I'm reviewing another eyebrow set for you. I'm, as most of my readers know, very interested in eyebrow products because my eyebrows look.... horrible. This time I'm testing the eyebrow set made by Catrice. Here's a picture of how the set looks:

The packaging is simple. Elegant and classy. Compact. Black with silver letters here and there. Small and handy.

The little box comes with two eyeshadow colours, a tweezer, a little brush and a mirror. That's quite a lot! I think it's great because you have everything you need right here in this little box. It's easy for on the go as well!

If you've read my Essence eyebrow set review, you'll notice that the colours in this set are more neutral than the colours in the Essence set. I do think this is good; it's easier to apply, more neutral etc.

Swatches!  (above)

And this is how my brows look after working with the eyebrow set. I've been using this one quite a lot lately and I love it. I use the lightest colour on the inner part of the brow (never make the inner part too dark!!) and the darker colour for the outside.

So, this palette has and does everything I want it to have and do. In one word, you could say that I'm pleased! Hooray for Catrice! 

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  1. ooo your brows look totally perfect! I lvoe that this brow kit isn't reddish at all - I've always found brow palettes to be too red for my skintone!

  2. Your brows look great. I have not tried powders for my brows, I use a pencil... And usually switch back and forth between the one from IT Cosmetics and the one from Billion Dollar Brows!


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