Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nail polish corrector pen by JM - review

We have all been there before: it's a spa night and you're thinking of painting your nails in a bright red colour, just because you're in the mood. When painting with your steady hand, there are no problems at all, but then there's the other hand... Stains all over! A lot of times, there's more nailpolish on my hand than on my nails. You can always use a Q-tip with nailpolish remover on it, or you could use a nail polish corrector pen.

The name pretty much says it all. It's a pen that you can use whenever you need to correct something. Like nailpolish.

The design is simple but not boring. It's easy to use. When you open it, you'll find the part that'll make your nailpolish disappear. It smells a little bit in the beginning but after using a couple of times, it's okay.

The pen is really easy to use, you can get in between every little space where you might have some unwanted nailpolish. After going over it on or two times, there are no more stains on your hands.
The only annoying thing is that the tip of your pen does change colour. When you're removing red nailpolish, the tip will turn red, which is not that nice - luckely it hasn't come off the next time I used the pen.

Do I like this product? Yes.
Would I repurchase it? No.
I think I wouldn't spend money on a nailpolish corrector pen. I only use it because I got it in a Deauty box once. I think when I empty this, I'll just go back to nailpolish remover and Q-tips.

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  1. I always mess up, especially on my right hand! I usually go over it with an angled brush dipped in polish remover! This seems a lot more convenient!

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