Sunday, May 12, 2013

Weekly Diary!

Hello you guys! As always I'm showing you what I did this week! 

This week has been a little bit different from every other week.
On Wednesday at school we did some charity for Nepal and other organisations. Basically we run as much rounds in the park as we can and at the end we multiply the kilometers we ran with the sponsored budget.

On Thursday and Friday we didn't have school so that was nice.

I'm the one with the weird skirt and my sister is the one sticking up her hand to the person taking the picture.

I went shopping and I got some new makeup items!  Finally I got some things that were on my wishlist for a long time!


I also got new clothes, this is one of my newest dresses! I love it! I feel like a bag of candy when I'm wearing it! Outfit of the day is coming up!

Cleaning out my stash! I have re-discovered a lot of items and I got rid of a lot of items. I'm glad I can finally see what I have again!
Would you like to see a stash tour? 

How was your week?
PS Happy Mothersday mommies!

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