Monday, May 6, 2013

Catrice camouflage cream review!

Hi you guys!
A drugstore beauty product that has become really popular lately is the newest concealer by Catrice. It's called the Catrice Camouflage Cream. I got the concealer in the colour "Rosy Beige", which is the exact same colour as my Catrice BB cream.

I like the packaging, it reminds me of MAC cosmetics. Simple and black, which is perfect for me.

The concealer has a really creamy texture. The coverage is outstanding. Unfortunately the colour is not exactly thesame as my BB cream, which means I can't use it until I get more tan because other wise the spots that I concealed will look too dark. That would be weird!
I do think I will use it a lot in summer. I will also be using it in times of extreme acne  because I'm pretty sure this is a concealer that WILL cover when others don't. If I break out next time I'll test it and photograph it!

So far I have used it a couple of times already (mixed with lighter concealer so that I don't get darker spots) and I'm happy with it! I do think this is an amazing drugstore concealer. I would pay a lot more for it then I did now.

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